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How to become a Judge in India?

How to become a judge in india?If you want to become a judge or want to know its steps then you have to look at it and find all your answers in this article. It is an amazing field to explore all the rules and regulations of the nation and to go depth in it.

Let me take an example of my friend who is recently doing Law in criminal specialization and she wants to become a judge in the future. Recently, she believed that it is too difficult to study as it includes soo many articles and sections but afterward as time passes she recognized that it is an amazing field to study and get all the knowledge about the law as it is a right of each and every citizen of India. Read More

Law Course After 12th

The “law” is among the most important parts of our constitution. The law course is the only legal training in India that can be provided by students and after completing this course, students are appointed with the post of a “lawyer”.

Now, many universities offer a law degree in India at different academic levels. Students can avail themselves of this course at many universities, but obtaining admission to the best government colleges for the law is everyone’s wish. every student wishes to pursue a law course after 12th with the best government college, so read this article and find all the answers to your questions. Read More