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How to become an Air Hostess in India

air hostess


The flight attendant is one of the top professions in India desired by many young graduates. The profession of a flight attendant is like a dream come true for young girls. Many girls want to become an air hostess and want to pursue their dream.

In this profession, you not only get good business travel enthusiasts, but you meet different people from all over the world, you have the chance to see different places, you get the chance to meet celebrities, business tycoons and also learn a lot. Read More

Social Media Paid Jobs in 2020

Social media jobsSocial media jobs are gaining so much importance in recent years. As we know in recent situation i.e. at the time of serious pandemic everyone wants to make money. And the best platform is social media.

In other words, these jobs require agents or independent contractors to perform simple activities on social media platforms.

If you’ve searched for legitimate jobs on social media online or are looking for organizations that hire similar jobs, then this is a safe place.

Here you can find jobs on social media, from low to high, from beginners to advanced levels. Therefore, you can find all types of jobs here. Read More

Impact Of COVID-19 on and Campus Placement Offers and Freshers

Impact on-campus Placement Offers:

Following the coronavirus epidemic in the country, students who have obtained internships on campus are being left behind as some companies have started to delay their offers, while others have withdrawn their offers. However, other companies are ready to honor all vacancies of COVID-19.

impact of Covid-19 on and campus placement and on freshers.

In light of growing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, many companies have suspended their placement process. Colleges in India are facing a difficult year ahead with disruptions in campus recruiting as the pandemic affects businesses around the world. Generally, most business and engineering schools do internships on campus between December and April of each year. While many students have already been placed, some are still struggling to find a good job offer. Read More

Indian Railway Jobs

Railway in India

Indian Railway JobsIn this article, you will know about all the Indian railway’s jobs either you are graduate or 12th pass there is a job for you in Indian railway. Hope you will find the suitable job for you in this article. I’m trying to help you get the Indian railway job for 12th pass.

The beginning of Indian railways dates back to the first track drawn between Bombay and Thane in the mid-1800s. Read More



Salary is important while choosing a career option in your life but it is not everything.  Each person needs a job for their survival and here I recommend some of the best highest paying jobs to guide you. There are many job opportunities around the world looking for labor for their supply and demand. Wages vary considerably from country to country and even across states in the same country.

Some jobs pay more and some pay a few dollars, no matter where you live. Read More

Campus recruitment process

There are many ways to hire employees, but the best way is to recruit on campus. It also saves time for the company. Otherwise, finding a good candidate is a daunting task. The campus recruitment process is the easiest and most approachable way to reach a good candidate.

But out of 200 students, how will you know which is best or best suited to our profile? Here is the role of Ability, Group Discussion, and Personal Interview. Read More

Top 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

top 10 job interview questions

Are you ready to pass your next job interview? It is always important to be ready to answer effectively to the most common questions employers typically ask. Since these questions are so common, hiring managers will expect you to be able to answer them gently and without hesitation. So here are some most common job interview questions and answers.

You don’t have to memorize your answers. But you have to think about what you are going to say so as not to be left out. Your answers will be stronger if you prepare in advance. Know what to expect during the interview and have an idea of ​​what you want to focus on.

Read More

Civil Services in India

Civil services are the most preferred career every person chooses in India. The civil service is the permanent structure responsible for the administration in India. Hence, this service operates under the direction and control of the “elected representatives” of the people and in accordance with rules and principles.

In India, the civil service system is an executive branch of the Republic of India and functions as the backbone of the country’s administrative system. Therefore, the main function of the public service is to implement policies and provide services Read More

9 ways to make money at home in India 2020

The reasons why people want to make money at home are as unique as their individual circumstances. Some just want to collect a little extra money to supplement their income. Others are really looking for a lifestyle change – to simplify work-life balance or to eliminate the time lost in travel. But the most important question is how to make money from home in India.

Given the range of skills and experience people have, the best way to make money at home varies enormously. The following list of 9 different ways to make money from the comfort of your home has a little something for everyone.

One of them must be for you! Read More