ICSE vs CBSE: Which is better and why?

ICSE vs CBSE: Which is better and why?

India is a country where there are 28 states and 9 union territories with a vast spread of land and culture. So, you can easily imagine how complex, competitive, and sophisticated the Indian education system would be. In the Indian education system, there are 2 main players, i.e. CBSE board and ICSE board. Both CBSE board and ICSE board are self-financed education board of India, with a variety of skills and abilities. ICSE vs CBSE is the main topic that every student and their parents search for so that they can find the best board for their child’s future. Read More

BBA vs BCOM: What to choose? and which is better for you?

BBa vs B.com

Welcome to the mecca of opportunity! A business professor once greeted his new group of students into the classroom saying this. No one believed him then. Most of them could not win the race to enter science class. But soon everything changed and commerce became the promised land. After clearing class 12 you need to make a choice for your future which is between BBA vs Bcom.

Today, the Commerce stream is one of the most popular choices for HSE education. It has evolved into one of the most common pathways towards building a successful career. But once you’re done with your 12th, another choice must be made. What course should I take after the 12th trade? The most popular choices are BCom and BBA. Then the BBA vs BCOM debate begins. Let’s take a look at these two choices in detail. Read More

GRE vs GMAT: How to choose? and Which is better for you?


GMAT vs GRE – This is the main selection you want to make before going to a business enterprise faculty. What maximum humans might let you know is: choose GMAT in case you need to use a business enterprise faculty best, and choose GRE in case you are still unsure of what to do with it. ‘postgraduate software. This is however partly true. Choosing between GMAT and GRE takes extra effort. The trick is to look at the male or female sections of the 2 exams and decide. Read More

How to be good Team Leader?

How to be good Team Leader banner

Qualities that Defines you as a good Leader

Leadership is the art of motivating people to act to achieve a common goal.

Effective leadership is about inspiring people and engaging the team through effective communication.

Anyone can be a leader, but only a few of them can be a good team leader. No matter if you have moved up the corporate ladder or have just started your own business, the path to leadership is never easy.
You will encounter different types of situations and problems; there will be good times, stressful moments, and even terrible moments. However, a great leader is always able to lead a team to success, regardless of the situation they face. Read More

Data science jobs for freshers and as a career

data science jobs for freshersWhat is data science?

DATA SCIENCE is the field of study that consists of extracting information from vast amounts of data using various scientific methods, algorithms, and processes and there are lots of data science jobs for freshers. However, it helps you discover hidden patterns from the raw data. The term Data Science emerged due to the evolution of mathematical statistics, data analysis, and big data.

it is a multidisciplinary field that allows you to take knowledge from structured or unstructured data. It allows you to translate a business problem into a research project and then translate it into a practical solution. Read More

Social Media Paid Jobs in 2020

Social media jobsSocial media jobs are gaining so much importance in recent years. As we know in recent situation i.e. at the time of serious pandemic everyone wants to make money. And the best platform is social media.

In other words, these jobs require agents or independent contractors to perform simple activities on social media platforms.

If you’ve searched for legitimate jobs on social media online or are looking for organizations that hire similar jobs, then this is a safe place.

Here you can find jobs on social media, from low to high, from beginners to advanced levels. Therefore, you can find all types of jobs here. Read More

Impact Of COVID-19 on and Campus Placement Offers and Freshers

Impact on-campus Placement Offers:

Following the coronavirus epidemic in the country, students who have obtained internships on campus are being left behind as some companies have started to delay their offers, while others have withdrawn their offers. However, other companies are ready to honor all vacancies of COVID-19.

impact of Covid-19 on and campus placement and on freshers.

In light of growing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, many companies have suspended their placement process. Colleges in India are facing a difficult year ahead with disruptions in campus recruiting as the pandemic affects businesses around the world. Generally, most business and engineering schools do internships on campus between December and April of each year. While many students have already been placed, some are still struggling to find a good job offer. Read More

How to become a pilot after 12th in india

how to become a pilot after 12thTraveling at high speed and at an altitude of around 38,000 feet, have you ever wondered how beautiful it would be.  To control such a massive flying vehicle, equipped with a jet engine, a rocket engine, and a propeller? Does your adrenaline rush while imagining your career waving through the clouds and flying over the mountains? Therefore, students who want to start their careers in the aviation industry after finishing grade 12 are not sure what they need to do to become a pilot. This guide will quickly show you how to become a pilot after the 12th. Read More


earn in your college days

Being able to earn money in your college days, is one of the most important things you have ever thought. Each and every student once in their college life thought of earning money. To pay bills of PGs, electricity, etc. they need to have money and as we know each one wants to earn money by themselves.  Collage Students in this age group can be directly linked to the ceramist’s wet pottery. It takes the form it gives and time acts as a pastry oven which makes changes while respecting the young person’s personal attributes. Speaking of India, a person does not have multiple opportunities to earn money. Still, there are many ways to earn money to go to university in India that have not been made aware. Read More

Top 10 Business Ideas Without Investment 2020

Business without investment

Are you looking for the most profitable and creative business idea without investment? Then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we will tell you about the most profitable business ideas without investment. Most of the people wonder how we can earn money or start a business without investment then you should definitely look at this article and find out your answers.

So, here are the topmost profitable business ideas without investment. Read More