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How to Join Intelligence Bureau

intelligence bureau

If you are young aspirants and have a question in mind, how do you join the Intelligence Bureau? As an Officer or Assistant, there are many places available to enter the service. Here in this article, I will share with you the complete details about the exam that someone can take to become an IB Director. Therefore, here you will know the Intelligence Bureau Exam, the eligibility criteria and how to enter the IB, etc. For complete information on all entries in this field, see the full article below. Hence, all the details about recruiting the Bureau of Intelligence. Read More

How to join the merchant navy after 12th

join Merchant Navy after 12th

Let’s start the discussion over how to join Merchant Navy after 12th. Travel the world, manage cargo, check the direction of the ship, maintain the ship, clean ships, explore various cultures, and more. That’s what the life of a merchant navy officer is like.

It is an exciting and adventurous career for those bitten by the travel bug. They get paid for what they love – Traveling. But there is also a flip side, their work-life balance could be affected as they won’t be meeting their families for months. Read More

How to be good Team Leader?

How to be good Team Leader banner

Qualities that Defines you as a good Leader

Leadership is the art of motivating people to act to achieve a common goal.

Effective leadership is about inspiring people and engaging the team through effective communication.

Anyone can be a leader, but only a few of them can be a good team leader. No matter if you have moved up the corporate ladder or have just started your own business, the path to leadership is never easy.
You will encounter different types of situations and problems; there will be good times, stressful moments, and even terrible moments. However, a great leader is always able to lead a team to success, regardless of the situation they face. Read More

Data science jobs for freshers and as a career

data science jobs for freshersWhat is data science?

DATA SCIENCE is the field of study that consists of extracting information from vast amounts of data using various scientific methods, algorithms, and processes and there are lots of data science jobs for freshers. However, it helps you discover hidden patterns from the raw data. The term Data Science emerged due to the evolution of mathematical statistics, data analysis, and big data.

it is a multidisciplinary field that allows you to take knowledge from structured or unstructured data. It allows you to translate a business problem into a research project and then translate it into a practical solution. Read More

Impact Of COVID-19 on and Campus Placement Offers and Freshers

Impact on-campus Placement Offers:

Following the coronavirus epidemic in the country, students who have obtained internships on campus are being left behind as some companies have started to delay their offers, while others have withdrawn their offers. However, other companies are ready to honor all vacancies of COVID-19.

impact of Covid-19 on and campus placement and on freshers.

In light of growing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, many companies have suspended their placement process. Colleges in India are facing a difficult year ahead with disruptions in campus recruiting as the pandemic affects businesses around the world. Generally, most business and engineering schools do internships on campus between December and April of each year. While many students have already been placed, some are still struggling to find a good job offer. Read More

Indian Railway Jobs

Railway in India

Indian Railway JobsIn this article, you will know about all the Indian railway’s jobs either you are graduate or 12th pass there is a job for you in Indian railway. Hope you will find the suitable job for you in this article. I’m trying to help you get the Indian railway job for 12th pass.

The beginning of Indian railways dates back to the first track drawn between Bombay and Thane in the mid-1800s. Read More

Teaching as a career

If you want to help people learn and grow, a career in teaching may be right for you. All teachers, regardless of what they teach, have the opportunity to shape people’s minds. In addition, there are a ton of possibilities for teachers, allowing them to build their own careers around the subjects they like and teach at the levels that interest them. So here’s all you need to know to be a teacher, what the job market looks like. Most people opt for teaching as a career as they like to share their ideas and knowledge with each and every people around the world. Read More

Journalism and Mass Communication

Imagine a scenario in which you don’t receive any updates from any news source; where radio, television, magazines, and blogs cease to exist. It sounds mind-boggling, doesn’t it? so, journalism and mass communication will help you to get updates.

Seeing this somewhat frightening picture would give you an idea of the importance of mass communication and journalism as an industry. If professionals in these fields weren’t spontaneous, responsive, and enthusiastic enough, it’s hard to imagine how people would have been entertained, learned, or simply survived. That said, most of us do not yet have a deep understanding of these two areas.

Many people talk about journalism and mass communication in the same breath, not understanding that the two, although closely related, are not the same. In addition, If you too have wondered about the difference between mass communication and journalism, this article is for you. Read More

Law Course After 12th

The “law” is among the most important parts of our constitution. The law course is the only legal training in India that can be provided by students and after completing this course, students are appointed with the post of a “lawyer”.

Now, many universities offer a law degree in India at different academic levels. Students can avail themselves of this course at many universities, but obtaining admission to the best government colleges for the law is everyone’s wish. every student wishes to pursue a law course after 12th with the best government college, so read this article and find all the answers to your questions. Read More

Chartered Accountant Course

If you want to understand exactly what a CA is, know that a CA is the James Bond of Accounting. They are highly qualified and extremely qualified professionals in the field of accounting. They carry out audits of organizations, companies, and entire companies to ensure that the accounting records have been kept in accordance with the regulations or not. Accounting discrepancies are not lost in the eyes of the certification authorities and can resolve any scam or irregularity by looking for a single error. As chartered accounting mainly deals with accounting and related business laws, students interested in this career should have a strong inclination towards accounting as a subject. Read More