Working in the USA

Online degrees are becoming a popular option for international students looking to further their education. Online degrees cover a wide range of academic disciplines and are offered by many different universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around the world. Whether a student is pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree, they … Read more

Student Visas in USA

Anyone who will be studying in the United States can be issued one of the following three types of visas for international students: F1 visa, J1 visa or M1 visa. You might be asking, “What visa do you need to work in the US as an international student?”. F1 and J1 visas allow the possibility … Read more


In a rapidly digitizing world, cybersecurity is now a major focus for CIOs. Cybercriminals continually target insurance and financial services companies (BFSI) that handle sensitive financial information and personal data of employees and customers. Forbes reports that cybercriminals target financial institutions four times more than other industries in 2015. Forbes analysis of 2015 found this. … Read more