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Artificial intelligence – Will it help humanity or destroy it?

The most prominent scientists and developers dispute this. Inventor Elon Musk, physicist Stephen Hawking, and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates warn against the development of artificial intelligence. Still, other scientists and celebrities, such as Mark Zuckerberg, a programmer, and founder of Facebook, see the benefits for all mankind in the use of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, the famous humanoid robot Sophia created based on artificial intelligence, studies, jokes, and interviews express a desire to have a family, as in humans. Do we understand how artificial intelligence can change the world – for the better or vice versa?

Artificial intelligence – what is it?

This is an information processing algorithm, explains Oleksiy Reznichenko.

“In our context, its work is similar to the brain. The hardware and software structure also resembles the brain. It is a mathematical device with an electronic part that can work with information as a person, “he added.

Ideally, he can think, learn and synthesize new information.

Have you already invented something?

There are already quite complex and “smart” algorithms, says Alexei Reznichenko.

“There are various tests, and it is often impossible to distinguish with whom a person communicates if he does not see and does not know for sure, whether a person or artificial intelligence,” – said the expert.

The most notable developments are humanoid robots, which are similar to humans. One of them is the robot Sofia.

Sofia’s “father” believes that in 20 years of work, they will live among people and help them in their daily affairs, and at the same time, it will be difficult to distinguish them from real people.

Is artificial intelligence being used now?

Developments that use “bots” in their work are already classified as artificial intelligence.

Phones have such a feature as face recognition, says Alexei Reznichenko

“Artificial intelligence mainly uses algorithms that are learned, and that can guide the base of several human faces. Of course, the human face can change, but the program learns and can recognize it in any light, or depending on the changes – with a beard or mustache, “- explains

There are applications and programs such as chatbots that work with humans. They are used in many companies in Ukraine in the early stages of customer service.

Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity?

Last year, the robot Sophia said it would destroy humanity, although later, the developers admitted that it was a joke.

“Robot Sofia and these jokes that are spreading around the world, about capturing the world, it seems to me that it’s just fashionable, so you can promote robots and have fun,” – said the expert of the program “Details.”

Although many famous and respected scientists and inventors believe that artificial intelligence is a threat to humans.

“The main property of any intellect is the ability to learn. And why he will learn among people, because he will develop here, so he will behave. Or people can specifically teach him specific actions. It is possible to compare it with a child,” Oleksiy Reznichenko emphasizes.

That is, there can be “bad” and “good” jobs, just like people. It is impossible to stop creating artificial intelligence, the head of the network of Robotics Centers “Boteon” is convinced.

“It’s an evolution, and I don’t see how it can be stopped. Perhaps it is the evolution of humanity, the solar system, or the universe. We can’t stop it. Sooner or later, maybe we will go, and evolution will go on, “he said.

Will we get something good from him?

Mark Zuckerberg, a programmer and founder of Facebook, is convinced that artificial intelligence will help humanity cope with many problems: people will receive better treatment, diagnose diseases, reduce the number of accidents (currently the leading cause of death), etc.

“If we do not talk about the apocalypse, then humanity has excellent opportunities. We will analyze almost unmistakably the large data collected by mankind on medical statistics, genetic diseases, etc. It is possible to predict the course of events, thanks to the analysis of a large array of data, “- said Alexei Reznichenko.

Technology is already helping to correct environmental pollution and then save people from this problem, the expert said.

“So we have to go through this evolution and not die at the same time,” adds Reznichenko.

And if artificial intelligence captures the Internet and all communications?

“The possibilities are endless, the speed is incredible, the ability to combine and synchronize with a million more such robots, or create a million more such programs – are endless, so everything depends on people,” said the head of the network of Robotics Centers “Boteon.”

There is a threat of hacker interference in the work of “smart” robots – no one excludes this.

“It is the person who manages artificial intelligence on the first principles and works – this is the greatest danger to other people,” – says Reznichenko.

All the developments and inventions that a person makes can be used either for good or evil.

“Perhaps the worst thing that exists on Earth is a person who, based on personal motives, can harm a large circle of his fellows. This was the case with the atomic bomb – it could not be banned. And we all seem to know that it’s terrible, but it is, “said Oleksiy Reznichenko.

Will artificial intelligence take away people’s jobs?

By 2030, 400 to 800 million people worldwide could lose their jobs through automation, according to a report by a global consulting company.

“I still haven’t taken it! Although now, many automation tools have replaced a lot of human labor. But people still find work. Unemployment in the world is at 10%. Not everyone is out of work! We have replaced a lot of processes with robots, machines, automated factories, and so on,” Oleksiy Reznichenko said.

People will be able to retrain for other activities, in his opinion.

Based on research from the world’s leading universities, the British news agency BBC created an online test in 2015 to find out if jobs will replace a particular profession.

The most “protected” professions, according to the test, will be a psychologist, pharmacist, obstetrician, civil engineer, dentist.

Will it be possible to turn off artificial intelligence at any time?

The expert of our program believes that no.

We need to define what we mean by “artificial intelligence,” and if it is an algorithm developed and distributed by the network itself – how can this be turned off? Not at all,” said the head of the Boteon Robotics Centers network.

Can AI enslave the human race?

The robot can learn, learn human phrases, adjust the voice, which can confuse humans, but the robot has no benefit to keeping humanity in slavery, says Alexei Reznichenko.

“I’m not sure that robots will need to enslave people. The human body is not perfect enough for a robot to use. Why? What can a person do for a good robot?” – he notes.

However, many researchers believe that the threat to humanity may be the flawless performance of artificial intelligence tasks. The interests of people may be disregarded or may create impossible conditions for human existence.

In any case, if it is impossible to stop the creation of artificial intelligence, it is worth teaching this intelligence empathy, love for people, and the desire to help and protect.

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