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Christ University Delhi, NCR Campus

CHRIST University (considered to be), Delhi NCR, nurtures the dream of confident and successful men and women who exhibit the philosophy of ‘Excellence and Service’. We have state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities supported by efficient and understanding teachers who transform students into successful professionals.

CHRIST (considered to be) University, Delhi NCR is an amalgamation of students of different ethnicities who work and learn in a harmonious environment while making memories for a lifetime. The cool and mild breeze, the atmosphere away from the noise and chaos of big cities fill the hearts and minds of young CHRISTies with positivity on the wide campus of CHRIST University (considered to be), Delhi NCR. It is a well-planned institute with a peaceful atmosphere. The teachers are very friendly and helpful. Teaching and learning go hand in hand and offer sufficient opportunities for self-introspection.

Institute highlights:

  • CHRIST (Deemed to be University) has marked its presence at the National and International level both.
  • The fee for 2 years MBA is Rs. 7.83 lakhs
  • CHRIST University is NAAC Accredited

The teaching fraternity thinks that there is considerable educational freedom for an academic and the institute supports new initiatives. The campus is ideal for serious academic activities and corporate guests and visiting professors were very impressed with the infrastructure and the environment. The quality of life in Delhi NCR is unique in many ways. The calm and serene environment is very therapeutic that regulates the level of stress and thus helps to improve productivity. Some teachers consider students to be very receptive. Solidary management is not concerned with the quality of education to be taught and, thus, prepares them for the corporate world. Located close to the bank of the Hindon River, CHRIST? (Considered to be), Delhi NCR, offers a breath of fresh air and proximity to nature, which makes it very suitable for any type of learning.

Program Overview

According to the students, this institution is special in its own way for its scenic beauty, vegetation and serenity. Learning in such an environment is an experience that makes us grow as an individual and provides us with practical exposure and knowledge. CHRIST University (considered to be), Delhi The unique atmosphere of the NCR is far from the hustle and bustle of a city. There is no commitment to infrastructure with the best state-of-the-art facilities available on campus. At CHRIST University (considered to be), Delhi NCR, all faculty members are just part of a large family. It is a home away from home! Life at CHRIST University (considered to be), Delhi NCR, is a totally different and wonderful experience. It is the right place to shape a personality as a professional with constant support from the faculty.

Facilities at Christ University:

  • A/C Classrooms
  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria
  • Convenience Store
  • Gym
  • Hospital & Medical Facilities
  • Hostel
  • Incubator
  • Labs
  • Library
  • Shuttle Service
  • Sport Complex
  • Wi-Fi Campus

The advantage of studying at CHRIST University (considered to be), Delhi NCR, is that it helps to increase concentration, as there is no distraction. The serene atmosphere is conducive to learning for a business student. The application of practical knowledge and quality education receives more importance than just bookish knowledge.

Another highlight of the college are the various activities of the club, lectures by industry experts, live projects, corporate lectures, visits by CEOs, etc. They are a boom for a business student. The evaluation system after a quarter is fair and students are informed about errors and measures are taken by teachers to rectify them. At CHRIST University (considered to be), Delhi NCR, students learn about the practical applications of knowledge. Learning is an integral part of education. CHRIST University (considered to be), Delhi NCR, encourages students to continuously provide feedback and suggestions and promotes an open communication platform. CHRIST University (considered to be), Delhi NCR, is the perfect place to cultivate talent, as well as providing experiential learning for a student. CHRIST University (considered to be), Delhi NCR, can be the stopping point for impeccable knowledge, a wonderful experience, and excellent service. Students learn discipline and multitasking, which has enormous potential to improve the student’s personality.

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