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Being able to earn money in your college days, is one of the most important things you have ever thought of. Each and every student once in their college life thought of earning money. To pay bills of PGs, electricity, etc. they need to have money and as we know each one wants to earn money by themselves.  Collage Students in this age group can be directly linked to the ceramist’s wet pottery. It takes the form it gives and time acts as a pastry oven which makes changes while respecting the young person’s personal attributes. Speaking of India, a person does not have multiple opportunities to earn money. Still, there are many ways to earn money to go to university in India. That have not been made aware of.

Living in India is difficult to earn money because there is also critical pressure on careers and programs. My personal experience contains a similar story of a busy schedule while forcing me to earn my pocket money and managing the end of studies. It all depends on everyone’s priorities and the type of work they are able to do, whether or not the choices have a positive effect on their life. There are many ways a student can earn money and live college life to the fullest.  So, in this article, I will tell you the ways from which you can easily earn money in your college days.

Earn money in your college days:

1. Start Earning Online (Youtube/Blogging)

This is a very interesting way to start making money online through Blogging or Vlogging(i.e. Youtube). As a blogger, I can say that I’ve seen many students in my college who start blogging or making youtube videos just for fun and eventually turns into a full-time blogger or YouTuber. Just because they start earning much enough money that they can think of making this habit or I must say just for a fun thing a profession. I started blogging when I was in college and at the end of college, I switched my career from Engineering to Digital Marketing. There is a friend of mine from college days Prateek Patkar who was also my classmate and he started a youtube channel which I’ve tagged below, he is a part-time YouTuber for now but with your support maybe someday he may turn his passion into his profession. The reason why I said this topic interesting because it felt like my own story and is also one of the best ways to earn money in your college days.

2. Selling your notes

A traditional way to make money in your student life is to sell your old notes. It is a unique way to make money, but it can be extended with effort. Students are always on the lookout for someone to write notes, make presentations, homework, practical files, and projects for them. This can be your way to earn money and gain knowledge. Writing notes for students can be paid on one page. It was something that a friend from my college used to do and he made some money for the same.

ClearSlide, Prezi, and Slideshare are a few other platforms for making impressive presentations that will help you get paid. There is a flaw in the Indian education system, which means that students can still copy projects from old lots, which gives us a new way to make money. By using the contacts, one can also create small shops like those that take orders for presentations, working models, and graphics. It will also help develop the student’s skills and earn them good spending money.

When I was in college, every semester, students sold their old notes and books at a reduced price of 20%. Which helped the buyer to get them at a lower price and the seller to earn money. Money with old unusable stuff. This way to earn money is very effective as a person can earn money and increase knowledge at the same time.

3. Part-time jobs

A part-time job, as most people already know, has fewer working hours than a full-time job, so it turns out to be possible for students. Opting for one is a critical task, the kind of work one is looking for. Many university campuses are far from the city, so finding suitable part-time work can be difficult.

Changes in part-time work are lucid, working in shifts while using electronic media during the time they cannot be present. It is a major means of gaining work experience, many call centers appoint part-time employees, and even one can be a radio jockey or whatever suits his qualification and personality.

An associate worked for a call center at night and earned INR 12,000 a month from that. This allowed him not only to withdraw money for himself but also to help his family with a small sum.

4. Rent out your cars

Many students bring their cars to campus and then don’t use them much. Does that sound like you?

Instead of letting your car collect dust in its parking lot, why not rent it? There are many apps that you can use to rent your car to someone who needs it. So while you are in class, in the evening or sleeping, you can earn money. And you don’t have to worry about the safety of your car. All the Tenants are carefully selected through the rental apps, and they must have personal insurance to apply.

Depending on how often your car is available, you can earn well over $ 500 a month by renting it. Make sure to keep it clean and practical at all times.

The advantages of renting your car:

The obvious disadvantage of renting your car to earn passive income is that you will not always have it at your disposal.

But is this really a disadvantage?

Maybe not that much. In fact, quitting the car for biking or walking is one of the best habits to help you save money, especially in college. Not only will you save on gas, but walking or cycling can help you stay in shape – no worries if you can’t avoid this gym membership!

A daily walk is also one of the best ways to boost your creativity and improve your mood. This gives you time to reflect on your day, plan, and relax during these stressful weeks of review. (It’s also a great time to think about your next opportunity to make money).

5. Buy something and sell it for more

Well, it’s a business in itself, the student can buy something and sell it with a profit margin. The thing can be fixed like books, a pen, pencil, notebook, etc., which is very requested by the students in an inn or a campus; food (especially Maggi at 12 p.m.) or clothing and many other things that you think might be necessary for the surrounding population. It can be a mini-business and can make a lot of money if it is persuaded in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. Every college student wants to earn money for himself or herself in her life. So, this method is most

This type of work is performed in almost all cities, and we call them “retail stores”. So here we will find the same thing in our college, a tip for this is; “Wholesale market”. Buy a large amount of stationery or anything else that you think could be used in your college. And would be of great benefit to other survivors, and sell it at market prices.


To earn money in college days is everyone’s wishes in his/her lifetime. No one wants to make money from their parents while doing higher education. We can take a live example to conclude this topic like there are 2 brothers tom and Jim more than who want to earn money in their college days. After that, they came up with an amazing idea to sell the pizzas and they have named that pizza store Dominik pizza before. Afterward, tom left his college studies and choose to build his career in selling pizzas.

And now all of us know that Dominik pizza is known as DOMINOS PIZZA. So, this example concludes that never give up hope and try your best to achieve. What you want to achieve in your life. If you want to earn money on college days then you can earn easily and also you can make careers out of it.

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