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Fashion Designing Career In India

The fashion designing industry is one of the most adorable industries in India. The ancient fashion industry has evolved over a thousand years, and even today our clothing fashion is the most stylish fashion all over the world. Fashion designing is not only clothes and clothes. If you are interested in this field then you would know how much fun it includes and there are varieties of colors and designs.

Scope of Fashion Designing in India

The Fashion Industry in India is one of the largest in the world. Our spending on clothing and footwear contributes around 3.1 trillion rupees. Indian fashion houses and designers are getting bigger by the day, as more and more consumers are looking for stylish clothes for themselves. Some of the popular designers in India are Anita Dongre, Ritu Kumar, Manish Malhotra, Manish Arora, Vikram Phadnis, etc., who form the core of what is defined as fashion, although there are a number of e-commerce sites and start-ups that have emerged and brought another side to the discovery of fashion and opportunities for Indians, who imagine themselves as fashionistas.

The fashion horizon has extended to such a limit in India, that it is no longer traditionally sculpted in a female role. Day by day people is more towards fashion and the fashion industry which induces various colors and design. Nowadays, everyone wants a designer cloths for every function in their house. 

Work option that opens for a fashion designer

Fashion Designing is one of the most dynamic options for a career. It is not everyone’s taste, as it requires much more than simply designing sketches and designing clothes for the elite market. It requires a close look at the design and following / not following the design trends. In addition, if you have that in you, you can earn an impressive amount and become popular. For those who wondered what their career prospects are after a fashion design course, here are a few. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is intended to give you an idea of ​​a number of jobs that open up to you when you decide to pursue that profession.

  • Working with boutiques
  • Have your own clothing store/company
  • I work with a textile export house
  • intern with a renowned stylist and gradually become one of them

Design jewelry and accessories, including footwear

Work with industrial designers,

Become a personal stylist with a prominent public personality

Teach at a fashion institute

Various Speciality for Fashion Designing

Many designers prefer to specialize in a particular design field, rather than trying to create everything in the beginning. Here are some specialties you can focus on:

1. Fabric Design

Fabric design, also called textile design in some circles, is a specialty in which the fashion professional designs, creates, and possibly sells the materials that another fashion professional would use in their creations. It is a selling business in which you sell the fabric material to other designers so that they can create a design and sell it to the customers.

2. Accessory Design

This is a specialty that deals with designing and selling objects to be used in addition to the clothes that people are already wearing. Belts, hats, glasses, bags, and necklaces are all good examples of what an accessory designer would be working on daily. Therefore, Accessory designers are type of fashion designers which sells accessories that are important to clothing.

3. Bridal Design

A bridal designer is a fashion professional who has a hand in designing and creating wedding dresses for brides to wear during the wedding. And because marriage is so important in a nation like ours, they can also make dresses for the mother of the bride, bridesmaids, and accessories.

4. Footwear Design

In this specialty, a fashion professional will design, create, and eventually sell the clothes that people will put on their feet. Heels, boots, sandals, shoes, ballet shoes, socks, slippers and anything else you can think of that has to do with a person’s feet, all of this comes within your reach. Every person demands footwear and that is to designer footwear so, this field is mainly for those people.

The gateway for Fashion Designing

It is a pity that, with so much to offer, this profession has not received the respect it deserved until a few decades ago. However, times have changed now and fashion design as a course is no longer viewed with disapproval. So, how do you get into the glamor world? Here are some institutes that offer you entry:

The institute leading the list in India is the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in New Delhi. It has branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. This is followed by the Pearl Academy in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. Amity University also offers a fashion technology course, as does the Symbiosis Institute of Design in Pune. All of these are top-tier institutes in India that offer courses to help you pursue a career in the fashion world. For those who wish to study abroad, the UK and London are the centers and home to many fashion institutes.

Formal Education in Fashion Designing

To start a career in fashion designing there are many different ways. Ralph Lauren started his business by selling ties at Bloomingdales, while Michael Kors started by selling his designs at a New York boutique. However, the safest bet is to start a design career and get a diploma from a design school.

Before Applying

While there are many colleges in India and abroad where you can study fashion design, only a few really boost your career. The competition is very high and you will be competing with thousands of fashion enthusiasts from around the country for a handful of places. Most schools require a basic 10 + 2 pass percentage and a written exam to test your aptitude or presentation of your portfolio.

Should you go or not

The maximum duration of the fashion designing course is three to four years. During that time, you will learn how to implement your ideas and visions. You will take classes in drawing, color study, modeling, draping, sewing, and cutting. One of the most important advantages of studying design at a fashion institute is that these institutes work closely with the industry. The parade that takes place at the end of the course is very important.

All graduating students can showcase their creations here, in front of industry veterans who have come looking for new talent. Another very important part of the curriculum at fashion institutes is the business and marketing modules. As each sector is more oriented towards the company than ever, it is very important for every aspiring designer to be able to manage their brand business, negotiate a contract, and choose a business partner.


At last, I conclude by saying Fashion designing is one of the most creative professions. If a person is interested in it he/ she can achieve success in a very short span of time. For example, as we have in India we have very famous fashion designers like RITU KUMAR, ANITA DONGRE, SABYASACHI MUKHERJEE, etc. They have done a lot of hard work to achieve what they have today. As you know, hard work pays off. So keep trying and try to get what you want in your life.

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