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Salary is important while choosing a career option in your life but it is not everything.  Each person needs a job for their survival and here I recommend some of the best highest paying jobs to guide you. There are many job opportunities around the world looking for labor for their supply and demand. Wages vary considerably from country to country and even across states in the same country. There are many highest paying jobs in India that you can consider.

Some jobs pay more and some pay a few dollars, no matter where you live.

So here are some highest paying jobs in 2021:

1. Doctor (Highest paying jobs)

A health professional is treated on an equal footing with God, even today in the villages! Becoming a doctor is a daunting task. A doctor accepts it and undergoes intensive training. To become a doctor is not an easy career option to choose as doctors save the life of people and people believe them.

At the same time, if you have a service mentality, you will be a great doctor! You can easily work in hospitals or become a private practitioner. The medical profession is very rewarding both financially and socially. High wages are paid to Medicos in India.

In addition, Indian Medicos are also in demand in foreign countries. They are highly sought after because of their dedication to their profession and their service mentality.

On average, a doctor can expect a salary of 6 LPA to start with. which is comparable to other jobs it is the highest paying jobs.

Women choose this career option because they are friendly and understanding. They relate to the patient’s problems and manage them better emotionally.

2. Lawyer(Highest paying jobs)

Law is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious professions in the world. There are many branches such as civil, criminal, corporate, energy, litigation, etc.

A lawyer is always in demand because of the number of cases pending in a country like India.  If you are observant, intelligent and have good argumentation skills, you will become a very successful lawyer. With years of experience and wisdom, some lawyers become judges. These judges have the most respectable place in our society. judges are the most respectable people to solve the cases and give the right decision.

Lawyers can find a job as legal counsel in companies or they can start their private practice. They can easily become a legal advisor for the companies.

The annual income of a corporate lawyer is around 6 LPA. It is the 2nd highest paying job in India.

Aside from the right package, a good lawyer feels that they are part of the social justice process.

Women lawyers show empathy for their clients. As a result, they handle cases such as divorce, adoption, dowry, harassment and sexual abuse very well. In such cases, the client feels comfortable entrusting his problems to the lady lawyer. This is why women lawyers solve these problems in the best possible way.

3.  Software developer

The software developer is one of the highest paying jobs in India. They write, create and develop applications to work with software.

A software developer earns 3 to 6 LPAs. After acquiring the required experience and skills, they can obtain salaries ranging from 12 to 15 LPA. If they gain more and more experience they can easily earn more than 15 LPA.

A professional degree from a reputable institution, logical thinking, and analytical skills are very essential for this job. Tech giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Google, Microsoft, etc. offer very high salaries to these software developers.

We all depend on technology. In addition, almost all businesses are processed online. This sector is, therefore, growing very rapidly.

Women work as software developers in corporate offices. In addition, it gives them the flexibility of working from home as an application developer.

4. Civil services

Becoming a public servant is the highest aspiration for many young people because it always occupies a green place in our Indian state of mind. In India every 4th families want their child to give civil service examination.  This is seen in the volume of requests that the UPSC Commission receives each year.

In addition to the prestige and honor of being a civil servant, this position also offers high salaries in India.

The 7th Wages Commission ensured very good wages from the starting levels. The average monthly salary is around Rs. 80,000 / -. However, it is the highest paying job.

There are several divisions in civil services like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc.

Among these IFS, Indian foreign service has a special place. In this division, officers obtain assignments in various foreign countries. They enjoy various benefits and advantages.

Recently, many girls take the civil service exam and qualify with flying colors. Some of them come from a very rural environment. They work hard to make a difference to Indian villages and their people. In our country, both girls and boys have an equal opportunity to take the civil service examination and become an officer.

5. Management professional

Every year we read about IIM graduates from the best B schools. They get big pay packages with rich benefits. This year, an IIM – Nagpur graduate received the highest package. It is for 19 lakhs. Incredible, right?

This makes a career in management very interesting. It also has a broad scope. There are many sections like marketing, finance, operations, logistics, Digital marketing, and human resources, etc.

People with good communication skills and a problem-solving attitude will be best suited to HR roles. HR takes care of the interest of the collaborators and at the same time, it directs the company towards its progression.

Marketing has now evolved as a great career with well-paying jobs. This is also due to advances in technology.

Digital marketing has opened a flood of opportunities for many aspirants. Nowadays people mostly prefer digital marketing as their career option, therefore, they are doing all the work digitally.  Various jobs are available such as SEO experts, social media managers, digital marketing, etc.

The remuneration range varies from 1.6 to 4 Lakhs for fees. This goes up to 18 Lakhs per year once you have established yourself in the field. Moreover, it is the highest paying job.

6. Professional consult

This comes as one of the most sought after jobs in India. Above all, for women, a professional consultant offers the flexibility to manage their work and their home.

A professional consultant means offering his services for the desired profession on an advisory basis. It can be in any area like education, security (electronic and physical), accounting, business, etc.

A consultant gets enough free time to manage his other personal activities. It can be raising a family, pursuing a hobby and other hobbies.

Your work efficiency will decide your pay scale in the market. Data shows that experts in this field easily make up to 15 LPAs.

7.  Digital marketer

This comes in the category of the highest paid jobs recently developed in India. Digital marketing has gained an important place in today’s world. A Digital Marketer markets its products/services using digital media.

This is mainly done on the web. The job is to develop, create and manage digital marketing. Digital marketers design the business website and maintain their blog, update their business accomplishments by posting to the digital world.

They make sure that their brand is popularized. As a result, the demand for digital marketing is high these days, making it a profitable career option. The skills required for this job are objective thinking, creative and analytical skills.

In addition, they must have marketing skills and the ability to identify potential customers.

Some jobs that are now in high demand in digital marketing are the social media marketing manager, the search engine optimization specialist, content writer, etc.

Women can also do this at home, which is why they find it attractive and lucrative. The key factors in this job profile are network connectivity, knowledge of the digital domain and willingness to learn.

The salary varies from 3 to 4 lakhs per year for a beginner. It increases with their experience and their talents. This option is not the best highest paying job but as you gain more and more experience your salary can increase and relatively you can earn more and more. In addition, the only mantra to become successful in this career option, do not lose hope and always give your best.


Besides the above list, several online jobs are also very profitable nowadays. For example, online education is very popular and is gaining ground in our society. Non-graduates students can easily apply for this job and easily get selected.  Women find it practical and comfortable to earn a good salary. And one of those online initiatives that give high wages is CueMath.

Likewise, women also play the role of the pedagogical adviser in guiding pupils and parents concerning admission procedures and scholarships. Such educational advice shows the right direction for a student to pursue his dreams and achieve a successful career. And women are most preferred in the above role because of their listening skills and communication skills.

Given technological advancements and on the basis of growth has created a lot of potential job opportunities.

You can find the list of the 7 highest paying jobs in India which has given you some tips.

What are you targeting today? I hope you can select a good job from the list above. And I hope what you want to achieve can easily achieve it and be successful in your life.

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