How to be good Team Leader?

Qualities that Defines you as a good Leader

Leadership is the art of motivating people to act to achieve a common goal.

Effective leadership is about inspiring people and engaging the team through effective communication.

Anyone can be a leader, but only a few of them can be a good team leader. No matter if you have moved up the corporate ladder or have just started your own business, the path to leadership is never easy.
You will encounter different types of situations and problems; there will be good times, stressful moments, and even terrible moments. However, a great leader is always able to lead a team to success, regardless of the situation they face.

To help you get better results for your business and make you a better leader- Here are some key leadership qualities that every good leader should possess or learn.

Here are a few tips on how to be a good team leader?

1. Recruit an apt talent

“Be as cautious as you could to recruit and rent the right human beings and then create a surrounding in which no one wants to depart,” said Chris Thomas, president of Intrepid Agency in Salt Lake City, Utah. ” It can sound idealistic, but in the same period, the cost of strong teams can not be overstated.”
You can’t construct a well-built group if the employees aren’t well suited to their positions, whether or not due to a mismatch of abilities, inclinations, or temperament. So if you want to be a good team leader then you have to recruit a good talent in your team.

2. Get to know your group

Leadership is how you affect your group to reap its goals – something you’ll have a hard time doing if you don’t know who your team is and what motivates them. While it could be tempting to step in and start making huge actions on the first day, remember that you are not there to flex your ego.

Take the time to listen to your group individuals; discover what their problems and aspirations are, acquire ideas, and identify potential strengths and weaknesses. Only then are you able to formulate a management technique this is probably to succeed? Getting to know who you are operating with is the primary essential step to building relationships and constructing respect and trust. The vintage adage of taking note of two times as a lot as you speak continues to be true.

3. Set an example

Think approximately the behaviors you want and expect from your group members and make sure to reveal those tendencies yourself. You are the role model, so what you are saying and do could have an impact on the crew’s each day’s work habits and attitudes. Having said that, it’s essential to be your self and consider your self. If you pretend, you will quickly be exposed and you’ll lose your credibility and your confidence.

Have integrity and be passionate. Treat everyone within the team fairly, with appreciation and without favoritism and you may locate these behaviors. Also, offer the identical courtesy to the rest of the organization. Never undermine or criticize other people or services in front of the crew. Make it clear that you are all there to paintings for the fulfillment of the entire.

4. Encourage creativity

It has a lot to do with good listening abilities. A proper chief will pay attention to his crew at least as lots as he leads the crew.

Having a regular assembly in which group individuals can discuss issues and issues they face is an awesome way to no longer handiest build crew cohesion, however additionally to brainstorm ideas for trouble solving.

As a team leader, you need to set up ground guidelines for those
brainstorming sessions which include:

  • There aren’t any stupid thoughts – brainstorming classes are by way of nature creative endeavors, nothing squelches creativity quicker than an atmosphere of judgment.
  • Don’t criticize others’ ideas – A brainstorming session is not the discussion board to determine whether a concept is right or not. In fact, you ought to encourage human beings to find wild, strange, or implausible concepts. After all, that is how enterprise breakthroughs change.
  • Build on others’ ideas – This is where encouraging crazy ideas will pay off. It is very common for one person’s concept to trigger a person else’s (or maybe better) concept. In fact, your group harnesses and develops the power of its brain. And that is what we are searching out, it’s miles this kind of “geared up to use” thinking that can result in innovative changes.
  • Too regularly, whilst an employee is not training, the trouble can be attributed to lacking steps inside the interview and recruitment process.
  • References have now not been verified. Not sufficient candidates had been interviewed. Managers decided to “comply with their gut” rather than correctly weighing the talents, abilities, and understanding wished for the job and then searching out those specific attributes.
  • 5. Reward and recognize

Be unique and immediately along with your praise. It is a satisfactory manner to make certain that employees’ contributions are noticed, that people and groups feel valued, and that effective behaviors are reinforced.

When you notice first-rate behavior, express your self at the moment – whether or not verbally, via a sticky word or by using a reputation function in your work management solution.

Formal company-extensive employee popularity systems can also assist build a wholesome group culture. If you have any such program, use it.

6. Enjoy Your Leadership

Team management is frequently hard however frequently rewarding. Leading a crew that works properly and produces consequences is an amazing feeling, so move for it!
Companies don’t just need to have basic goals that the whole staff understands – they need to set, track, and measure targets across the enterprise.
Becoming an amazing group chief takes time and practice. You will no longer be an inspiring and charismatic leader overnight. But in case you begin by means of incorporating those five guidelines into your control practice, you’ll have a strong basis of leadership to build on.

7. Be Optimistic

A positive leader will are trying to find a possibility even in a hard state of affairs. He or she would never go away even the state of affairs is worse or goes against the plan. It is important that the chief has this best because it would stimulate the entire crew to work positively toward the not unusual goal.

8. Competence and warmth

It is additionally essential that the chief is competitive and as much as date. Stephens Richards Covey mentions the identical aspect in one in all his most famous books “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” as one of the 8 Habits which are “Sharpen the Saw”

According to Covey, we must retain to educate awareness which will increase and grow further.

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