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How to become a Custom Officer In India? Exam, Eligibility, Salary?


A custom officer is an integral part of our national security. Whether they are evaluating who or what is leaving or entering a country, they are enforcing laws that guarantee security. This job keeps you on the edge of the chair and puts you in a position to make a difference. If this sounds appealing to you, there are several things you need to do to start a career. So, Make sure you see the required requirements. And go through the application process and make some additional additions to your startup to become a customs inspector.

The function of the Customs Department or Custom officer is to control the import and export of goods. In order to collect duties and maintain control over the entry of prohibited and restricted goods. The customs official ensures that smuggling does not occur within the country.

Work Description of Custom Officers

  • Inspect travelers and goods entering and leaving the country
  •  Regulate law and order during import and export
  •  Prevent illegal elements from entering the country
  • Check and seize any illegal and terrorist activities
  •  Understand the various laws and under what conditions they can be implemented
  •  Record and manage import and export activities
  • Taking care of the country and also the state of its business

Eligibility to become a customs officer in India

The bachelor’s degree is the basic qualification to become a Custom officer.

A customs official working for the government of India must be over 19 and have completed graduation.

The candidate must obtain a score higher than 55% of the qualifications and only then can apply.

Admission cards are sent on the basis of merit obtained at graduation.

Notifications are published in the labor newspaper and other important periodicals.

The exam is done annually, but many other private companies offer the same job.

Minimum Requirement:

  • Age limit – 18 years
  • Indian citizenship
  • Must have a vehicle license
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Have reliable transport
  • One should never have used drugs of any kind
  • Must pass an extensive background check
  • Should be able to successfully complete all necessary training for the desired position
  • Must be able to activate radio or telephone equipment and console monitors

How to become a customs officer in India after 12th


1st way:

Pass Class XII with any stream Should be graduate in ant stream with a minimum of 55% marks. Clear SSC (Graduate level)


2nd way:

Pass Class XII with any stream Should be graduate in ant stream with a minimum of 55% marks. Clear UPSC and fill preferences for IRS


Posts in custom Department in India:

  1. Tax assistants

Tax assistants provide administrative assistance. Their main job involves performing tax and accounting duties. In which they record taxes for customers at the airport where they are posted and prepare financial reports and documents. They need to have a basic understanding of tax legislation to perform their duties.

  1. Inspector

A customs inspector acts as a team leader for a group of preventive agents and, like them, also has powers of search, seizure, and arrest if they think that someone at the airport is trying to transport illegal goods.

  1. Preventive Officers

Preventive Officers are stationed at various international airports to ensure that no illegal goods enter or leave the country through the airport. They have the power to search, apprehend, and arrest individuals or property.

  1. Assistant Commissioner

The post of Deputy Commissioner is one of the highest entry points in the customs department. As deputy commissioner, responsibility for the management of the personnel under your responsibility lies. But, unlike other positions that are filled through SSC exams, these are filled only through public service exams.


Salary of a customs officer:

Salary estimates are based on information collected from previous employees, in fact, members reported salaries for the same function elsewhere and current market trends.₹ 3,51,736 per year

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