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How to become a RAW Agent

How to become a RAW agent, or Full Form- Research and Analysis Wing, from India, is a foreign intelligence company. The Bureau of Intelligence Service known as the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in India. IB also manages the foreign intelligence service, as well as the country’s intelligence, until 1968, when RAW was founded. The main reason for the formation of R&AW in 1968 was the intelligence gap revealed in the wars of 1962 and 1965, fought by India. Founded primarily with a focus on China and Pakistan, R&AW says it participated in many things like the 1971 war, India’s growing power in Afghanistan, the acceptance of Sikkim, the security of India’s nuclear program, etc. Over time, RAW objectives have expanded to include:

  • Examine the political and military development of neighboring countries, which has an impact on India’s national security and foreign policy planning.
  • Seek management and restrictions on the supply of military equipment to Pakistan, mainly from European countries, the United States, and China.

Here, we will tell candidates how to join a well-known company. Although there is no clear information available for the R&AW process, consider the level of confidentiality and R&AW performance. You could say that R&AW started out as a small organization with a few hundred employees, but now its family has grown to tens of thousands.

Raw’s role?

In simple terms, RAW has focused on the development of other countries in all fields related to India, since 1968. Researchers or representatives have to go to all critical parts of the world. To carry out its work at the national level.

If you are thinking of working as a private RAW user, think twice; Have a great opportunity to do something for your country, but without public praise. If you don’t agree with the information, see everything for yourself.

RAW admission and services

It is a RAW method and they do not provide any specific units known; They select candidates for the other domains or other admission processes

The RAW (Inspection and Investigation Unit) public does not immediately request military action; They appoint people from other government departments in India (military, intelligence, police, administrative staff, etc.). Most of the employees are from the IB (Intelligence Bureau).

Nowadays, college applicants are also welcome to participate

If you think that only the secret service is working there, then you are mistaken. RAW is an organization and there is a need for something like a simple office; There is a need for secretaries, stenographers, analysts, advisers, accountants, administrative staff, etc. We’ll start at the top.

Posts, Qualifications, and Procedure on How to become a RAW agent:

RAW has two sections

  1. GD- Basic work
  2. Telotechnical service

In GD, the majority of people from non-PCM branches who can work efficiently on site enter. What they do is travel close to the border and collect information locally. Nowadays people from the Army, SFF (special frontier force), BSF, and many soldiers have come to represent themselves in the department.

At Tele, there are people with technical training or Bsc or Msc training. They work at a high level to track and block calls, emails, and many other communication systems. This is an office job, but they can transfer it to the border area, but the job will be a desk, even if the place is not a garden.

Signs that RAW does not publish such advertisements in newspapers and articles.

Two Basic Methods to become a RAW agent:

  1. UPSC – low-level testers call the department for an interview and if selected, they start with another commissioner or deputy commissioner (higher level)
  2. SSC Level Assessment – Candidates will be placed in the CBI or IB as invited by the department for an interview. Once appointed, he will begin with AFO or DFO (Field Manager and Deputy Superintendent)

(smaller compared to those developed by UPSC)

  • You need to know that this selection process is very difficult and they do a lot of tests that you have to look for. For example. Naked, they will see all parts of your body for minutes.
  • There are other things that will happen to researchers, like background checks, drug testing, psychiatric testing, etc.
  • The best part of the selection process is that you may not even know you are being interviewed for RAW and will only be notified of the end when you want.

If you have the ability to speak in a foreign language, if there is no language, and languages ​​like French and German are useless because they are not used here. If you have to become a RAW agent then you need to know Pashto, Mandarin, and Russo.

Different Posts and Procedure on how to become a RAW agent:

  1. Admission of the Director for RAW

Most police officers are from the Indian Police Service (IPS); and other first-class assignments. The Governor is currently working as a 1st level civil servant in the public sector, such as military, intelligence services, etc .; maybe a RAW user. RAW Allied Service (RAS) tests the perfect candidates for the job.

  1. Work meets work

These are the true heroes of RAW, The Field Worker who works in real-life situations.

Employed by intelligence agencies, law enforcement, military service, etc.

Here are several posts in this category: –

Mountain Governor. Likewise, FO wants to serve at least 5 years to be promoted as SFO.

The car service provider. You will need 8 years minimum wage as a DFO to be promoted as FO.

Deputy Minister for Agriculture

Domain Assistant

  1. Test level

Usually, they send desktop papers, the researcher plays a fundamental role in the organization.

Here are several posts in this category: –

Smart boss

Assistant to the Central Intelligence Agency – (IB immediately requested for this level)

Smart boss

  1. Experts in different areas

RAW has a team of experts in several areas; whether you are a professional manuscript, a major computer hacker or anything special, RAW has many opportunities for you.

You have to join other agencies and prove your worth, so you have a chance to join this intelligence agency.


So you cannot enter RAW now (now), if you want to work in this sector, you have to enter another department and show up there. But there may be access to RAW in the future.

If you want to take a look at how RAW works, take a look at “Madras Cafe”, which shows how an organization works for RAW.

Do not join R&AW if you want to be like Bond or Salman Khan. It seems that any government job is boring and boring with unhappiness and slow promotion. Also, do not let prejudice control your mind, because everything is fine when you are outdoors, but you have to come to this meeting and know that it is a secret to work, to heal. workers and disrespect for hard work at the moment, loving your country will also break to pieces and then you will find that everyone here has to do their job.

Join R&AW if you feel you need a reliable government job, release work pressures, and fulfill a simple class life.


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