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How to introduce yourself in interview example


You know what they say.

The first impression is the last impression;

And even if it’s a bit of a cliché … it’s true.

If you do not answer the” Tell me about yourself interview” question, your job interview will continue but with a downfall. And this is not an encouraging thought.

Do not worry.

In this article, you will find out how to introduce yourself in an interview. We will show you a proven formula to structure your answer. In addition, we will explain how to adapt your response to the position you are looking for. And you can see many examples to inspire you.

1. Why do recruiters ask “introduce yourself in an interview” questions?

There is a reason behind each question the interviewer asks you. And unless you know what the reason is, you may fail your answer miserably.


Why are they asking to introduce yourself in an interview?   Well, there are four main reasons:

  1. To start the interview gently without stressing yourself out.
  2. The tone should be polite and confident for the interview
  3. To get a sample of your general skills in a real situation.
  4.  To know you professionally.

Starting with the last point on the list …

Recruiters only know you by what you put on your CV (and perhaps by a brief telephone conversation), so they want to know you better. Careful- professionally, not personally.

Now the way you speak and behave will give them an overview of your general skills:

Are you confident and calm while you are speaking?

Do you keep eye contact?

Are you a good communicator? Can you make a connection?

Your answer could also determine which questions come next. If you win the recruiter from the start, your job interview can go smoothly.   More-

Of all the questions that recruiters can ask, this one seems the most relaxed (and yet meaningful) to start an otherwise stressful conversation.

2.Simple formulas to be remember

You already know that they are not looking for fun facts about yourself.


Here is a simple formula for answering “Tell me about yourself or introduce yourself in an interview:”

Start with a strong force that the recruiter is looking for.

State how this skill or quality has helped your employer (s) in the past.

Be sure to provide metrics to show your real impact.

Explain how this new opportunity will help you develop your talents for your mutual benefit and that of the business.

Introduce yourself in an interview example;

Here’s a great example of an answer for experienced IT professionals that incorporates all of the elements listed in the formula above:


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: (1) I really like to provide robust software solutions.

(2) I led a team of software engineers of 10 programmers at Xyzzy Solutions for three years.

(3) Our proudest moment was to receive the Bossie 2018 award.

(4) Before that, I worked for two years as a software engineer.

(5) I reduced security breaches by 70% by gaining full employee support for our principle of least privilege program.


I have always been very interested in computers. I guess I’ve been a programmer for nine years now, but my passion for technology started long ago when I was a kid. I’ve always loved making monkey with code, but it wasn’t until I moved to Arizona that I tried to make a living from it. I really immersed myself and I can’t imagine doing anything else.


By itself, the bad example may not be so bad at all. In fact, it sounds like what most applicants would normally say.

The problem is that you will never be the only candidate, and the strength of your response will always be relative to the responses of other candidates. Also, if it sounds like what most candidates say, no one will even remember it.


Be careful though … Knowing the formula is not enough to give a good answer. The formula will only be useful if you know how to make your answer relevant to the position you are looking for. In the next section, we’ll show you how to do everything right.

There are few examples for the question “tell me about yourself” or introduce yourself in an interview

1. starting point for your story should be right

Your goal when you answer “tell me about yourself” is to give a brief, concise description of your career history that will show relevant pieces of experience.

You want to start at some point in the past (like how you started working in this area) and find yourself in your current situation. So the first thing to decide is where to start the story…

If you are a recent graduate: start with the fact that you have just graduated and explained why you chose this career path or this field of study.

For example, you can start your answer like this:

“I graduated in economics two months ago. I chose this field of study because I have always been interested in finance and money, and some family members have told me that it also leads to great career options. ” If you have 1 to 8 years of experience, start with when you graduated and have them track your work experience since then. Here is an example of how you would begin your interview response in this situation: “I graduated in industrial engineering six years ago and immediately went to work for a small design company in Chicago. Since then, I have … ”

2. Highlight impressive experience and accomplishment

When telling your career story, explain the main accomplishments you have accomplished, the work you have accomplished, the skills you have acquired and the main career changes you have made.

Have you been promoted?

It is always a great sign and worth mentioning. Did you accomplish something important like solving a big problem for your last employer? It’s great to mention too.

Have you learned new skills or overcome challenges? Be precise! Say the details. But impressive random facts are not enough.

You should think about how it fits into the company you’re talking to. You should always research the company before proceeding to the interview. Study their specific job description to find out which skills interest them THE MOST.

What does this particular work consist of? Is there a lot of leadership? Talk about your leadership experiences (as small as they are!), How it went, what you learned.

Does the work involve a high level of technical skill? Talk about how you learned and progressed in this area at each stage of your career! You must “tailor” your answer to “tell me about yourself” for their job description and needs. Try to talk about experiences and qualifications relevant to the job for which you have applied.

3.Conclude by explaining your current situation

Finally, the best way to end your story is to make them aware of your current situation. Why you wanted to apply for their job, what you want to do next, etc.

For example,

you can end your answer by saying:

“… And that is why I wished to relinquish an interview at your company. This position seems to be a great opportunity to advance the skills I just mentioned and to continue to build my career and challenge myself.”

To know more frequently asked questions related to the interview. Do check it!!!


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