How to join CBI after 12th? Process, Eligibility, After 12th.

How to join CBI after 12th, A lot of people wonder about it. What are the exams for that, what studies should be done, and what should be the educational qualification for that? And with what physical efficiency it should be, if everyone wants to know more about these things, read this whole article! Because today I’m going to tell you!

If there is a major scandal in the country, then there is a CBI investigation, and many people must be hearing about it! The salary of a CBI agent is also good and well respected! Becoming a CBI officer is not an easy task, it requires a lot of work! Many students continue to study day and night to join CBI, but only a few of them join CBI and become CBI officers! And this is happening because the competition has intensified a lot today! so, you should know how to join CBI after 12th. Because right after 12th you should get into it.

What is CBI?

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), operating under the direction of the Department of Personnel, Ministry of Personnel, Pensions and Public Complaints of the Government of India, is the main police investigative service in India. It is an elite force that plays an important role in preserving values ​​in public life and in the health of the national economy. It is also the nodal police agency in India that coordinates investigations on behalf of Interpol member countries. Simply put, it is the full-fledged investigative agency that solves several national and international security problems in India!

Qualifications needed on how to join CBI?

To become a CBI officer, you must successfully complete a bachelor’s degree anywhere in a recognized university.

Male and female candidates may become a CBI officer, but they must be Indian citizens.

Your age must be between 20 and 27 years old, with the relaxation of up to 5 years for SC / ST and 3 years for OBC candidates.

General / OBC Candidate 22 to 27
SC/SC Candidate 22 to 32


What is the Physical Qualification for CBI?

To become a CBI officer, there are two types of tests, in which you measure height and chest.

Candidates Physical Eligibility Requirement
Male Height / Chest 157.5 cm / 81 cm
Female Height / Weight 152 cm / 48 Kgs


In this, the second physical test is a cycling and walking test, in which you have to cover the distance in a fixed time by bicycle and on foot. This is for both male and female candidates.

Male Candidate Female Candidate
The mail candidate has to walk 1600 meters and has a time of 15 minutes. Female candidates have to walk 1000 meters and have a time of 20 minutes.
The mail candidate has to cycle 8 km and get 30 minutes. The female candidate has to cycle 3 kilometers get 25 minutes.


How to Become a CBI Officer

To apply for a CBI agent, you must have personal attributes, so we are mentioning a subject below:

  • A sharp and analytical mind
  • Fitness
  • Resistance
  • Mental alertness
  • High levels of concentration
  • Vivid powers of observation
  • Logical, rational and analytical thinking
  • Availability to travel
  • Ability to adapt to long and irregular working hours
  • Availability to work in remote and dangerous territories


Which subject should be studied to join after 12th?


To become a CBI officer, you must pass the CGL exam! You don’t have to read a topic separately! You should study only those that are most requested during the serial exam. To do this, you must study the subjects of General Awareness, General Skill, English, and Mathematics, and these related questions are asked in the exam.



 Recruitment process in various positions

Appointments for all Group A positions are made by the President of India in consultation with UPSC. Appointments to all Central Bureau of Investigation Group B positions are made by the CBI Director in consultation with UPSC, if necessary. For all Group C positions, with the exception of Principal Registrar Stenos, L.D.C, Chief Constables, and C.B.I. Cops are made by Dy. Inspector-General of Police. Appointments to the positions of Senior Clerk Stenos, Clerks of the Lower Division, Chiefs of Police and Police Officers in Group C, and all CBI Group D positions are made by the Superintendent of Police.

Name of Post

Recruitment Process

Joint Directors

80% by deputation + 20% by the departmental cadre officers who have completed 5 years of regular service as DIG.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police

75% on deputation + 25% by the departmental cadre officers who have completed 4 years regular service as Sr.Ss.P., failing which Sr.Ss.P. with combined regular service of 8 years in the grade of Sr.S.P. and SP.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Sr.Ss.P.)

From the departmental cadre SSP with 4 years of regular service in the grade.

Superintendent of Police (SSP)

60% to the deputy (50% of officers from Indian Police Service / All India Services / IAAS / IRS / IC & CE and central police organizations + 10% of officers from non-IPS services such as AIS, IA & AS / IRS (IT), IC & CES and CPO) + 40% by departmental executives having completed 6 years of regular service at the rank of ASP if not at the rank of ASP with a combined regular service of 12 years in the grades of ASP and DSP.

Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP)

80% by promotion of the departmental DSSP having 6 years of regular service in the grade + 20% are filled on the basis of delegation/absorption

Deputy Superintendent of Police

40% by the promotion of departmental inspectors, who have 8 years of regular service in the grade + 50% on the basis of the delegation/absorption of officers of the police organizations of the center / State + 10% by direct recruitment.

Office Superintendent

either by the promotion of CBI agents with a cumulative 8 years of service as a crime assistant and chief accountant in the organization (of which at least 3 years of service should be as assistant crime) or on the delegation of officers in similar positions in central / state police organizations.


50% by the promotion of sub-inspectors in the CBI with 5 years of regular service in the grade + 50% on the basis of the delegation/absorption of agents of the police organizations of the center/state


50% by direct recruitment via the personnel selection commission + 25% by departmental ASIs with five years of regular service in the grade by promotion on the basis of seniority and physical condition + 25% by limited ministerial competition

Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI)

50% more by promoting CBI heads of service with a minimum of 5 years of regular service in this grade + 25% through a limited ministerial competition + 25% by delegation/absorption

Head Constable

40% by promotion according to seniority and physical condition of gendarmes with at least 5 years of regular service the grade in CBI + 40% by limited ministerial competition + 20% by delegation/absorption


40% by direct recruitment + 60% by deputation/absorption

Sr. Clerk Steno

75% by the staff selection committee + 25% by delegation failing that by direct recruitment.

Crime Assistants

by the promotion of officers to the rank of chief accountant clerk of the CBI who has completed 3 years of regular service in the rank.

Head Clerks

60% by ministerial competition limited to officials at the rank of CDU of the CBI who have completed 3 years of regular service in the grade + 40% by promotion on the basis of seniority and aptitude.


75% by promotion by seniority with aptitude, failing that by delegation + 25% by promotion by limited ministerial competition among officials having completed 5 years of regular service at the rank of PMA


90% by direct recruitment (of this 10% are to be filled by limited ministerial competition for class IV employees registered with the CBI) + 10% by delegation, failing which by direct recruitment.

Sr. Gestetner Operator

by promotion at Junior. Gestetner Operator with 3 years of service in the grade and having a mastery of the handling of Gestetner Machines.

Jr. Gestetner Operator

by promotion among CBI Daftaries who have spent at least 3 years of service as a Daftary and who have skills in handling Gestetner Machines


by the promotion of Peons with a minimum of three years of service rendered regularly after their appointment or by a delegation of persons occupying similar positions in central government officials.


75% directly + 25% by delegation failing this by direct recruitment of other Group “D” employees who have completed 5 years of regular service and have at least an elementary level of literacy


by direct recruitment.


Exam Pattern of CBI Officer?

How to join CBI is it SSC?  You do not need to take a separate exam; instead, the SSC runs a CGL exam for this. In an exam, questions are asked on three subjects, in which you will have a general knowledge of general intelligence and numerical aptitude.

This exam has 200 numbers and also has a negative score. If you have 4 wrong questions, one of your numbers is cut, that is, a quarter of the number is cut, and in this case, you get 2 hours.


Preliminary exam

Paper No. Of questions Marks Duration
General intelligence and
general awareness
100 100 120 minute
Arithmetic ability 100 100 120 minute

Mains Exam

Subject Marks Duration
General studies 100 3 Hours
English 100 2 Hours 20 Minute
Arithmetic 200 4 Hours
Language 100 2 Hours 20 Minute
Skill and writing
200 2 Hours 20 Minute

In this one, after passing the pre and main exam, you are called for an interview and, if you also pass the interview, the letter of participation from your designated division is prepared for you and sent to your home next.

What is the CBI agent’s salary?


There are many degrees in CBI and your salary according to the classification. But his base salary ranges from 16,000 to 36,000. Other than that, home, travel, and medical facilities for your stay are available free of charge at the CBI department.


Some important tips on how to join CBI after 12th?

The more posts on the CBI, the more competition there is, so we’ve given you some tips that will help you pass this exam.

  • Reinforce your general knowledge because most questions are asked of them.
  • Pay more attention to current affairs.
  • Make it a habit to read the newspapers daily, highlight interesting news, and read it.
  • Make a question sheet with an experienced person and try to solve this question sheet. In doing so, your morale improves and your knowledge also begins to increase.
  • Are you focusing more on self-learning?
  • Continue to participate in the CBI question contest.
  • When reading books, highlight the important part.
  • Submit all old jobs related to the exam and resolve those old jobs! If you don’t get the answer to the question, ask anyone for help! Or you have to solve it over the internet.
  • Become so capable that if someone wants to ask a question, you can answer it immediately.
  • After all this, you need to increase your confidence, speak on stage without a brother-in-law, and learn to speak without fear.

So, my friends, in today’s article I told you how to join CBI after 12th? what you should study for this, what qualification should be for that and how much salary you earn for it, I talked about all these things in detail in this article. Even after that, if you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments box and share this article with your friends.

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