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ICSE vs CBSE: Which is better and why?


India is a country where there are 28 states and 9 union territories with a vast spread of land and culture. So, you can easily imagine how complex, competitive, and sophisticated the Indian education system would be. In the Indian education system, there are 2 main players, i.e. CBSE board and ICSE board. Both CBSE board and ICSE board are self-financed education board of India, with a variety of skills and abilities. ICSE vs CBSE is the main topic that every student and their parents search for so that they can find the best board for their child’s future.
When it comes to a child’s education, many parents are curious and at the same time confused as to which school board will offer quality CBSE or ICSE education. The teaching method of these two people being based on learning by experience, it was difficult for them to make a selection between the two. This article sheds light on both, so read it to find out which one is better.

ICSE vs CBSE Comparision chart

 Basis for comparison  CBSE ICSE
 Meaning The Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) is an educational council that is affiliated with public and private schools in India and other countries. The Indian Secondary Education Certificate is an examination carried out as part of general education in accordance with the New Education Policy, 1986.
 What is it? CBSE is a board that conducts exams. CISCE conducts the exams for the ICSE board.
 Result Display Grades only. It displays marks obtained by the students.
 Medium  English or Hindi English only
 Syllabus Easy  Difficult

ICSE vs CBSE: Difference in the syllabus

Both ICSE and CBSE syllabus is different from each other. CBSE is more focused on theoretical concepts whereas ICSE is more towards practical knowledge. Therefore, here we will discuss the ICSE vs CBSE board syllabus.
ICSE has 3 main subjects for class 10th i.e.:
History, civics, Geography
CBSE has 6 main subjects For class 10th i.e:
Social Science
Additional subject
Now, we have to think which syllabus is better in ICSE vs CBSE board and why?
As we already know, most of the people prefer CBSE board as it has a huge advantage in entrance exams. For example: If you are preparing for IIT JEE or NEET entrance exam which gives more weightage to NCERT books which is covered by CBSE board. All the entrance exams cover the CBSE board syllabus for their admission process. CBSE board is comparatively easier than any other board.
ICSE board syllabus is difficult to study and tougher than the CBSE board. It covers the vast syllabus and students need to study each and every subject in detail. ICSE board is more focused on practical knowledge so here it is an advantage to go for the ICSE board as it aims to provide analytical skills and knowledge. Students who are preparing for TOFEL this board has an advantage for them.
So, now you have a clear image of the ICSE vs CBSE board syllabus and their advantages.

ICSE vs CBSE: Recognition of board

CBSE as a board of directors is easily recognized by the Indian government, where the ICSE is not. However, the school leaving certificates and grade sheets issued by the two councils are valid worldwide. Comparatively, CBSE has a much better footing than the ICSE board at the subcontinent level.

ICSE vs CBSE: Teaching Techniques

In recent years, both Boards of Directors, ICSE, and CBSE have narrowed their curriculum with a particular emphasis on active learning. There are reports that both councils have adopted new ways of preaching that help students learn through active interaction and experimentation with what would be called one-way teaching. In terms of academic luxury, CBSE is a bit strict.
The ICSE Board, on the other hand, puts students first and gives them the full opportunity to explore their needs and wants and encourages them to pursue careers to their liking with subjects such as IT, environmental sciences, and even a creative field such as interior decoration in some institutions.
Although both councils have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is only possible to say that they coexist and function as a vital part of the Indian university system.

Educational Pedagogy:

The Board of Directors of ICSE attaches incredible importance to initiatives and laboratory work. For this reason, this system establishes a weight-age of 20% on internal assessments. He believes in sane craftsmanship as opposed to rote memory.
The CBSE Board of Directors is slowly adopting the fully project-based study approach. The CBSE training program gives way to fully project-based studies and activity-based studies.
Many schools in India offer both CBSE and ICSE programs in their schools and students can choose either of these two boards. In such a case, the management of these two examination boards becomes a tedious task for schools, as each board has its own rules, procedures, and programs. UC School ERP software provides the perfect solution to simultaneously manage these two boards i.e. CBSE and ICSE as well as other exam boards like different State Boards, IGCSE, etc. very efficiently and without confusion.


ICSE vs CBSE is a never-ending debate as both the boards have their own advantages and disadvantages. Many students prefer the CBSE board whereas many prefer the ICSE board. Both ICSE and CBSE boards provided with a certificate that is accepted in all the colleges and institutes in India and all over the world. As the certificate awarded by the two councils has worldwide acceptance and the quality of education provided is the best. Therefore, it is difficult to choose one of the two school boards. Before making a choice among these two, you must first identify what future you see for your child. You can look at this, maximizing your child’s strengths, and then selecting the right educational advice. Hence, now you have a clear idea about ICSE vs CBSE board and which is better for your future and why?

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