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How to join Income Tax Department in India.

The person responsible for the income tax officer is part of the Income Tax Department, which is a government agency that carries out work related to the collection of taxes from the Government of India. Therefore, the primary responsibility of an IT professional is to ensure compliance with various tax laws.

So, to become an income tax officer you have to see many topics before choosing this field. Firstly, you need to see the eligibility criteria whether you are eligible or not. Secondly, you need to see the qualifications and the examination part that you have to give to become an income tax officer. Thirdly, you will see the income tax officer’s salary, and lastly, you have to see the duties of ITO.

Duties of a tax inspector:

ITO estimates the correct revenue for those who have already submitted their reports.

ITO’s are known as if statistics were needed on the finishing touch of an income tax assessment.

ITO also conducts research based on information collected in annual information.

ITOs are asked to explain which investments are not mentioned in the ITR.

ITO is also committed to depositing debt with a state bank on time.

ITO also carries out intrusions in the event of an ITR failure or an ITR archiving error.

Income tax officer Eligibility

 Educational Qualification To be eligible to become an Income Tax Officer, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in any area.
 Age Limit The candidate must have been 18 on July 1 of the exam year and must not have been 27 on that date.

So, the maximum age limit will be relaxed to 3 years for OBC applicants and 5 years for SC / ST applicants.

The maximum age limit is also relaxed in favor of certain categories of employees working under the Indian government and personnel of the defense services.

How to become an Income tax officer?

Now we have to look at how to become an income tax officer step by step. So, that you can get all your answers and have a clear explanation of the field you have chosen.

Step 1. As a first step, the aspirant must obtain the “application form”, as well as the information required in the employment newspaper generally published in April (or on the SSC official website). Then, sent the completed registration form to the indicated regional centers.

Note: The exam notice with relevant details about the rules and curricula is published in April in ‘Employment News’ / ‘Rozgar Samachar’, ‘Gazette of India’, and in some of the major newspapers in the country.

Step 2: Preliminary Examination

The preliminary examination, held in the month of May and June consisting of 2 papers:

Subject No. of question Marks Time
General Awareness and General Intelligence (Part A) 100 100 2 Hrs.
Arithmetic (PartB) 100 100 2 Hrs.

Step 3: Main Examination

Candidates declared qualified in the “Preliminary Examination” must take the final exam.
In other words, the final exam will include 2 parts. Part A will be a written exam and the second part B will be a personality test.

Subject Max. marks Duration
English 100 2 hrs.20 min
General Studies 200 3 hr.
Language 100 2 hrs.20min
Arithmetic 200 4 hrs.
Communication skills and Writing 200 2 hrs.20min

Step 4: Personality Test

After going through the final stage, it’s the interview. So, candidates are questioned in the interview to check their mental ability and personality. The final list of successful candidates is then prepared.

Income tax officer Salary

An income tax officer gets a salary scale of Rs 6,500 to Rs 10,500. Hence, the Government of India has set salary levels for its employees in various positions. While they keep changing with the new payment commission

So, the scales above only give an idea of the salary scales. There are different payment schedules for different branches of the service. Hence, even the employees of the same agencies may have different remuneration depending on their area of destination and the responsibility they have at each moment. In addition to the salary, ITOs receive various types of subsidies, such as Child Allowance, Municipal Compensatory Aid, Vacation Travel Aid, Medical Assistance, and Subsidized Accommodation.

Duties of  an income tax Officer

The main responsibility of the company is to take care of the day-to-day administration of the various taxes, while the employees are involved in determining tax obligations, assisting the public, etc.

Income Tax Officer helps assess, collect and manage taxes and fees which account for over 93% of treasury revenue
They also assist in the administration of the customs import and export control regime and the collection of duties and taxes on behalf of the EU.

ITOs are requested if the information is required regarding the performance of the tax assessment.

ITO also performs a foray in case of non-filing of an ITR or incorrect filing of the ITR

ITOs are asked for an explanation of any investment not mentioned in the ITR

Income tax employees also do temporary work for other departments

ITO also helps collect PRSI for the Social, Community and Family Affairs Department

Income tax officers also help advise policy on tax matters.

ITO is also seeking to have the current maturity deposited in the government bank on time.

ITO also conducts surveys based on information received from annual information

How to become an Income tax officer after graduation

A person must first enter the income tax service as an income tax inspector. Then, they will have to pass the ministerial exam for promotion and obtain the designation of an income tax inspector.

To become an ITO, the candidate must complete the following steps:

  • The first step includes filling in the registration form and all personal information.
  • The second stage includes the preliminary exam
  • This exam has two levels, namely, level I and level II.
  • Level I includes topics such as general intelligence and general awareness.
  • Level II includes subjects such as arithmetic skills.
  • The third step includes the main exam
  • Includes a written exam and a personality test.
  • The last step includes the interview and skills test.


In conclusion, to become an income tax officer is not an easy task. As we all know, the income tax department looks after all the cases related to money. I think you have seen the latest movie i.e. Raid, which depicts the real case of black money hoarded which was solved by the income tax department. They try to solve all the cases related to black money. So, if you want to become an income tax officer you have to be patient and gives all your time to collect the data and try to find out the black money and solve each and every case related to it.

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