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In this article, you will know about all the Indian railway jobs either you are graduate or 12th pass there is a job for you on the Indian railway. Hope you will find a suitable job for you in this article. I’m trying to help you get the Indian railway job for the 12th pass.

The beginning of Indian railways dates back to the first track drawn between Bombay and Thane in the mid-1800s.

Over the next hundred years, the railways have evolved into a massive network covering more than 60,000 kilometers, about 8,000 stations, and more than 100,000 kilometers of track, including wide and narrow track, and subway lines.

As estimated, Indian railways carry more than 11 million passengers a day and more than a million tons of freight daily. Therefore, add repair shops, production units, services, security, engineering, and everything to keep you from losing your precious vacation and you will get one of the biggest employers in the world. Employing well over a million people, you can’t help but feel sorry for the party planner who has to organize team-building events if there were any.

The Indian railways are essentially a government department with commercial services. Being a job in the public sector, it draws a lot of attention for its job stability, first of all,  from candidates who don’t have university degrees, for smaller roles, to candidates who have to pass some of the most exams prestigious of the country to hire in its higher positions.

Indian Railway Jobs Groups/Class and their recruitment

Due to its huge massiveness, the organizational structure of the Indian railways divided into 17 zones, i.e. Central Railway, Northern Railway, South Eastern Railway, and so on, to facilitate administration and consequently recruitment. Each area is headed by a director-general (GM), who reviews the Railway Council, which in turn is supervised with the aid of the Ministry of Railways.

Each area has 10 practical directorates, or departments, which deal with the principle of useful classes of railways – its personnel, maintenance, safety, traffic, telecommunications, etc.

Similarly, there are  6 production units, the Central Organization for Railway Electrification Allahabad, the Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO Lucknow), the Railway Staff College, workshops and different public sector organizations like IRCTC, which might also be a part of the company of Indian railways Umbrella.

As you can still imagine, railway personnel can variety from unskilled or non-technical positions which includes assistants, porters to noticeably administrative or specialized engineering functions, as officials in one of the fields of the railway system.

The recruitment manner is, therefore, divided into personnel selection obligations among the Railway Recruitment Council (RRB) which is answerable for hiring decrease grade employees (also called Class III or IV) and the Union Civil Service Commission (UPSC), which conducts examinations to display hiring inside the higher classes (Class I).

Railway personnel is, therefore, divided into 4 awesome groups, from A to D, A being the best rating officials and D the lowest personnel.

Indian railway jobs for 12th pass

The Indian railway jobs for the 12th passage are one of the jobs exceptionally favored and accessible by the attractive candidates and have in addition, a gigantic diploma in India. So having jobs in the Indian railways is the immense thing of being a safe calling in all of life and earning a higher salary than anything. From a lower level to a higher level, Indian Railways have advertised IR vacancies to join Indian Railways each year. Jobs in Indian Railways for the 12th Pass.

Therefore, the districts are divided into four and each locality has discharged its Sarkari Naukri 12th Pass Railway Recruitment 2020 rail recruitment warning. Also around Lakhs, the 12th Sarkari Naukri Indian Rail Pass is unloaded by railways. Indian railroads from each district in which countless connections and some of them deserving and reasonable hopes land the position in the railways.

Competitors wishing to work with this organization must apply online for the 12th Sarkari Naukri rail pass. Competitors intrigued must submit the request for the 12th web pass / disconnected Sarkari Naukri Railway before the last date ends depending on enrollment or dates announced by the association. They can take the procedural steps given to apply online for the last notification of 2020 railway jobs via the official site.

Types of Indian railway jobs: Eligibility, Education, age, salary

As previously mentioned, railway jobs are classified into classes – Group A, B, C, and D. In the following sections, we will cover, in brief, examples of designations within each group, their eligibility, the age limit for job application, level of education and salary.

Recruitment of group A/class I in the Indian railways

The highest grade in which you can be recruited is Group A (Referenced Officers), selected from one of the 10 functional departments/directions in each of the rail zones. Hence, they include non-technical, technical, and medical services. The table below shows the different departments and what includes the grade A recruitment process in each of the functional departments.

Group A Cadres – Indian Railway (IR)

Non-technical services (Frame size)

Technical services

Medical services

Departments / functional departments


  •   IRTS: Traffic service (900 officers)
  •   IRPS: Personnel department (400)
  •  IRAS: Accounts Service (15)
  •  RPF: Railway protection force (130)


  •  IRSE: Civil engineers
  •  IRSEE: Electrical engineers
  •  IRSME: Mechanical engineers
  •  IRSS: Store Service
  • IRSSE: Signal engineers






IRMS: Medical service


Recruitment process


·         UPSC Public Service Review (ESC)

·         Promotion of group B officers at the IRTS


Indian Engineering Services Review (IES)


Combined Medical Services Review (CMSE

Qualification requirement

Undergraduate of Central, State, Deemed University.


Distance diploma or equivalent qualification recognized by the government


Bachelor of Engineering


MSc in wireless communication, electronics, radiophysics, radio engineering


Successful MBBS exam (written and practical)


Age limit

The age limit is between 21 and 32, with age relaxation for OBC / SC / ST candidates The age limit is between 21 and 30, with a relaxation of age for OBC / SC / ST candidates Under 32, with age relaxation for OBC / SC / ST.


Examination model and study program

Nine written examination documents.


Paper A: Paper in Indian language

Paper B: English

Document 1: Test

Articles 2-5: General studies covering Indian culture, world history, and geography, governance, constitution, technology, economy, etc.

Articles 6-7: Written-test on the subject of your choice.

Personality test

Stage 1: general studies and aptitude tests. Document specific to an engineering discipline.

Step 2: Two specific engineering articles

Step 3: Personality test during qualification Step 1 and 2


Paper 1: General medicine and pediatrics

Document 2: Surgery. Gynecology and obstetrics, preventive and social medicine Personality test


All applicants must be an Indian citizen, a Nepalese citizen, a Bhutan subject or a person of Indian descent, migrated from Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda, Zaire, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia or Vietnam, with the intention of settling in India.

  • Rail Job Notification (Group A): It is recommended to follow the UPSC calendar for exam dates each year. Vacancies and exam dates are also advertised in all national newspapers and on the Indian Railways website.
  • Average Group A Rail Salary: A Class 1 officer (Group A) can have a salary of around INR 80,000-90,000, as well as benefits such as HRA, medical care, transportation, etc.

Recruitment of group B / class II for the Indian railways

Group B officers are not recruited directly. The system is based on the promotion of candidates already in the post in group C. In the civil engineering department, for example, 70% of posts are filled by a selection process – written test and interview – of non-ministerial staff in group C from the same department. Therefore, 30% of the positions are occupied by staff from group C who have passed a departmental competition after having served at least 5 years in the same class (source). Hence, Employees of group C can be classified or not (if they do not hold any administrative role).

  • The average salary for group B rail jobs: salaries can be around INR 50,000, plus benefits.

Recruitment of Group C / class III for the Indian railways

A Railway Services Board, created in 1942 to facilitate the selection of personnel, was later renamed the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) in 1985.

The following table lists some of the technical and non-technical positions in group C, their eligibility conditions, tests, age limits, and salaries.

The written exam of Ticket Collector on general awareness, arithmetic, technical capacity, reasoning, aptitude, general information.

Indian Railway jobs in group C

 Eligibility Requirements

Education Requirement

Age Limit

Average Salary


Good Guard

Written exam on general awareness, arithmetic, technical ability, reasoning, aptitude, general intelligence.

Psychological test,

Physical efficiency test, medical examination and

Document verification

Diploma or diploma in railway transport and management 18-29 years, with age relaxation for OBC / SC / ST candidates 5200-20200 INR + salary compensation 1900 INR

Assistant Station Master (ASM)

Preliminary examination.

Written exam on general awareness, arithmetic, general intelligence, general science.

Personal interview and document verification

Graduate or equivalent from a recognized university 18-32 years, with age relaxation for OBC / SC / ST candidates 5200-20,200 + 2000 / month

Ticket Collector

Written exam on general awareness, arithmetic, technical ability, reasoning, aptitude, general intelligence.

Psychological test,

Physical efficiency test, medical examination and

Document verification

Education: 12th Pass or equivalent 18-29 years, with age relaxation for OBC / SC / ST candidates 5200-20,200 + Grade Pay INR1900 + Allowance 27000

Assistant Locomotive Pilot (ALP) & Technician Grade 3

Written exam on general awareness, arithmetic, technical ability, reasoning, ability, general intelligence, general science, technical ability.

Skill test and document verification

ALP: 10th pass / SSLC + ITI of Board-certified

Technician: Above + Active Apprentices OR 12th in physics, mathematics OR Diploma in engineering

18-30 years, with age relaxation for OBC / SC / ST candidates 19,900 / month

Para-medical positions, civil, mechanical, electrical, signal and telecommunications engineers, commercial apprentices, traffic apprentices, timekeepers, and many others also belong to the railway job group of group C. Applicants associated with positions requiring safety standards such as the deputy station manager, traffic assistant or locomotive driver assistant are required to qualify for an online proficiency test.

Railway job application and notification (group C): Applicants must pay minimal fees and complete online applications to be called to take tests. The qualification of the test does not lead to an automatic assignment. The functions are fixed according to the zonal requirements. Vacancies are advertised on the websites of the Indian Railways RRB, of each of the 21 RRBs, as well as in all national newspapers.

Jobs in Group D / class IV in the Indian railways

Group D consists of positions such as Trackman, Gateman, Helpers, Porter, etc. The diplomas require a minimum of passing the 10th standard or a certificate from the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) of the National Council for Vocational Training or the State Council for Vocational Training.

The application form is online and applicants, depending on the position, must qualify for a CBT, physical efficiency test (PET) and document verification. The selection is made at division or zone level, under the supervision of the RRBs.

  • Application and Notification for Railway Jobs (Group D): Vacancies are advertised on the websites of the Indian Railways RRBs, of each of the 21 RRBs, as well as in all national newspapers.
  • Group D Railway Average salary: INR 18,000 / month

As you can well guess, the process is tedious and requires a rigorous selection of over a million candidates to fill positions in different grades. Therefore, these vacancies are not open-ended and are only advertised every few years. Just keep an eye out for the next advertisement (e.g. RRB Chandigarh job postings available here) and make sure you don’t fall into the trap of scammers promising entry for a price.


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