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Is Content Writing A Good Career?

Imagine searching for “how to make rice”. Tons of blogs will appear on the first page of Google. You will click on one that appeals to you and read it. The information helps you, and you’re on your way to making rice. Content writers are the ones who compile the data and present it to you to help you. 

But wait, there is much information out there. Do we even need more content writers? Is becoming a content writer now a good choice? We have written the answers in the blog by compiling an extensive and comprehensive guide on the content writer as a career. We have discussed the opportunities, salary expectations, qualifications, etc. 

Career Opportunity

When you are trying to enter a career, you want to know the opportunities in that career. Visualizing a clear picture of the possibilities helps you prepare better for your first job. Moreover, understanding all your options lets you evaluate the availability in the job market and make a better choice. Here are three opportunities that you can explore:

In-house content writers: Companies and startups hire content writers as a part of their marketing team. They are either looking for people with specific knowledge of their industry or excellent content writers willing to adapt to the industry. An advantage of in-house content writers is the industry-specific knowledge you will gain. The more time you spend in that industry, the more job recruiters will see you as a specialist. However, choosing a company at the start of your career can be restricting. The work may feel monotonous, and eventually, you face writer’s block. If you’re a person who is a generalist rather than a specialist, the agency lie is for you.

Agency writers: If you thrive on variety and need constant change, working in an agency is the opportunity you must grab. Nowadays, due to the various means of marketing and promoting a service or product, there are many agencies. Some of these agencies are:

  • Performance marketing agency
  • Advertising agency
  • Influencer marketing agency
  • PR agency
  • Creative Agency
  • Content Writing Mills

A common question people have is that if companies can hire in-house writers, why do agencies exist? The answer is that not every company wants a marketing team on their payroll. And even if they do have a team, they usually outsource some work to an agency. Global brands may outsource a campaign to a localized agency to suit the local audience. The advantage of working in an agency is the chance to work with different brands from different niches. It helps avoid writer’s block and keeps your creative juices flowing.

Freelance writing: But what if you don’t want to work in either of those situations? It can be due to geographical limitations (most companies have offices in metropolitan cities), lower salaries, lack of flexibility, and limited freedom. If that’s the case, then freelancing is for you. Freelancers are workers that work with companies on a project basis. They have contracts for either a particular project or a period like six months. They are free to work with as many or as few clients; this gives them greater freedom and flexibility. Freelancers have control over the clients they work for, the money they earn, and their working time. The advantages freelancers enjoy are many. However, the disadvantages are instability and high competitiveness. Freelance content writing is highly competitive due to its lower barrier of entry, and therefore it’s relatively tough to find clients. However, it is possible to earn a consistent income as a freelancer with constant effort and a roadmap.  

Salary expectation

Probably one of the questions that determine whether a career is a good one or not. We work so that we can earn and support our lifestyles. Thus it becomes essential that your salary can support your lifestyle. Therefore, as a content writer starting their career, you can expect Rs 15,000-25,000 per month as your salary. However, this is just a ballpark figure. Salaries depend on location, industry, and experience. One way you can check the pay you deserve according to location, industry, and experience in using LinkedIn Salary or Glassdoor. Both give you a range you can expect. 

The next you score an interview and are asked the salary you expect, you can quote the range on either of the platforms so that you are not undercharging and losing money on the table and overcharging and getting rejected.

If you plan to make a switch, you can expect a 25%-30% hike from your previous cost-to-company (CTC). 

Freelance writers starting their careers can charge on a per word basis or per hour basis. Fair pay for beginners is 40 paisa per word and Rs 100 per hour. However, it depends on the industry, your prior expertise on the subject matter, and the complexity of your writing content. To determine what you should be charging, try asking experienced freelancers in your industry. You can find them on social media platforms or networking events. Either way, conducting your research is the most intelligent way to go about it.

Eligibility to become Content Writer.

Every job has specific eligibility. It helps the recruiter to weed out candidates without professional training for the job. However, as a content writer, there are hardly any eligibility criteria. Thus, here are some qualifications that can help you stand out from the crowd.

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Journalism, Mass Communication, or English Literature deal with communication skills and therefore, recruiters consider them to be the standard for content writers. But bachelor’s degree holders are also eligible to become content writers.
  • Above all, content writers need to be excellent communicators, both spoken and written. Both are important because you need the former to communicate with your team and client, and the latter is crucial since your job is to write.
  • A basic understanding of technicalities like SEO, analytics, social media, etc., helps you stand out from others.
  • If you aspire to work in a company as their in-house content writer, a bit of understanding of the industry will help you too.

Work Description

Before you start your journey as a content writer, it is vital to understand the work your employer expects you to do. Each content writer’s profile depends on the company. However, typically you will be:

  • Writing content for the company’s website. Updating it in case the company releases a new service or product. 
  • Writing blogs or articles for either company’s website or guest blogging websites.
  • Writing any internal document that the company wants to share with the employees. These could be HR policies, emails, etc.
  • Writing content for marketing purposes such as content for brochures, white papers, case studies, etc.
  • Writing content or video scripts for their social media handles.


Content writer: Skills requirement

  • You need the ability to write straightforward content in a language. Since vernacular content is in demand too, if you are fluent in a language other than English, it need not be an obstacle for you. However, if you plan to become a content writer who writes in English, your English should be on-point.
  • If you don’t know anything about the client’s or company’s industry, Google will be your best friend. Thus, excellent research skills are perhaps the most potent weapon.
  • If you understand your audience and the intent of the content you are writing, it will catapult you into becoming one of the top content writers.
  • Editing skills to shape up your content. First drafts are often messy and all over the place. Every content writer needs to edit their work to make the content piece polished.
  • Punctuality and discipline are crucial. If you are consistently late on your deadlines, you need to communicate that with the concerned authority. Figure out a balance between regular submission and work balance. If you know how to manage your time well, you can avoid a lot of friction from your work life.
  • A basic understanding of marketing will help you create better content. Once you understand your role in the campaign, the content creation process from your side will become a breeze and will require minor corrections since you would understand the bigger picture and the role of your content in it.

Pros of Becoming a Content Writer

If you are a list person, a pros and cons list is probably your first way of making a decision. Thus, here are the pros of becoming a content writer:

  • Low barrier of entry.
  • With the proper skill set, it can be a start of a fantastic career.
  • It’s not physically strenuous.
  • A content writer with experience, feedback, and guidance becomes a good writer who is a crucial soft skill in all professions and industries.
  • Option to choose from various opportunities.
  • Content writing is an excellent profession in terms of salary.
  • Flexible since all the work is digital; perfect for people looking for work from home jobs.
  • Every content creation effort requires content writers. Thus it’s a field that will continue growing.
  • It is challenging to replace with AI technology.

Cons of Becoming a Content Writer

But not everything is perfect; thus, here are some cons of content writing:

  • Content writing is a competitive field since the entry of barrier is low. However, if you keep learning and constantly upgrade your knowledge, you can overcome the competition.
  • Sometimes, you have to edit your favourite sentences in front of the content if it doesn’t go with the content. 
  • Monotony is common among the profession. If you work for clients in a similar industry or a company, the monotony can make writing tedious.
  • Writer’s block is standard among content writers. It can be exasperating, especially when you are in the middle of an important project or campaign.
  • As a content writer, you are stuck at your laptop, which can cause back and neck strain.
  • Something all content writers go through is the ridicule they face because of their career options. Since it’s just writing, many clients and companies try to underpay because you are just writing. Even your friends, relatives, and family doesn’t acknowledge the complexity and difficulty of a writer. It can lead to you doubting your abilities and skills. However, you must remember that content writing is a vast and intricate profession. 


If you are a content writer confused about your choice or a beginner weighing your options, know that we all have been there. All of us started and doubted ourselves at the beginning of our journeys. However, as we found our footing, we slowly and surely became more confident in our ability and choice. However, we still have our days when we doubt our intentions, so we started content starter to help people like us. We hope the blog was helpful and helped you get a clearer picture of content writing as a career. Join our newsletter to get updates.

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