Pharmacy career and jobs: pharmaceutical science

Planning to make a career in pharmacy? Here, you will get all detail about how to make a career in pharmacy, and what are the jobs related to it.

Pharmacy is a high demanding stream nowadays. Pharmacy sector expanding day by day. There are many career options in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science that you can pursue your overall growth and development. Researching new medicine for the cure of diseases and developing them for the welfare of human beings is so generous. Because it is being said, “health is wealth”.

Pharmacy is a very diverse sector, from developing medicine to delivering it, there is the role of the pharmacy. If you are choosing to make a career in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science then a range of careers and jobs can be founded. There are not only jobs of lab work but also fieldwork career involved. It is very fascinating to interact with new people and observe their behavior because most of the jobs in pharmacy are related to sales marketing; where you explore, meet new clients, learn about human psychology. You will attain lots of practical knowledge in these fields, which you will grateful for later. Because in the initial stage career in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science is quite challenging, but as you try to explore you will start liking it.

This is the right time to pursue a career in these fields because these are emerging very fast in the last decade. Career options and jobs in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science as follows:

  1. Research and Development (Pharmacy career)

If you have a great interest in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutics then you can prefer to make a career in the research and development sector. R&D is the widest sector in this field, you can learn a lot more things to enrich your career in the very long term. R&D consists of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors.

If you are keen to learn more then you can study further for degrees such as M.Pharma, MS, and Ph.D. MS or doctorate from abroad is a very good option in the research and development sector, where you will get better knowledge about medicine, drug delivery, drug chemistry, and etc.

2. Manufacturing

If you want to become a pharmaceutical scientist then you should be interested in spending your time in the lab, to investigate how much different-different amounts must be added for curing a certain disease and also taking care of their side effects.

Manufacturing is also a major part of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science. There are so many parts further divided into manufacturing such as Quality control, Quality assurance, and regulatory affairs. For getting a job in any of these fields you should have Masters’s or post-graduate diploma in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs or Pharmacovigilance.

3. Medical writing

If you are having wast knowledge about your stream (pharmaceutical science), and you are compassionate about writing creatively then you should go for medical writing. It does not involve any field job, it is a sedentary job but you can pursue your career in this field with great interest. For being a medical writer, you should be having every detailed information about your topic. There are ample medical writing jobs with great pay-scale.

4. Sales and Marketing

 For sales and marketing jobs you should only have a degree of B.Pharma. There is a bulk of hiring happens for medical representatives (MR). As you complete your graduation you can apply for this post. MR is the field job, it is a bit challenging but if you like exploring and traveling then this is right for you. Its salary packaging is not so high, but it has so many perks and benefits, its incentive is also quite good. If you think you are confident and negotiable along with manipulative then go for it.

5. Academics

If you have a passion for teaching then after getting a post-graduate degree in pharmacy, you can become a lecturer. There are so many pharmacy colleges in every state this is why there are ample posts for being a lecturer in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science. B.Pharma graduate can also apply for lecturer job by clearing GPAT, NET, and SLET. For teaching students of D.Pharma, B.Pharma graduate can apply.

You can also pursue your part-time Ph.D. while teaching in pharmacy colleges. It is a very relaxing and developing job and salary is also very, after completing a doctorate from abroad.

6. Hospital and Clinic

This is the job of a health-care adviser in the hospitals and clinics. Interacting with patients, advising them a quantity of medicine they should have, the timing of having medicines. This is not so challenging role, this is why the salary of this job not so decent. Students of d.pharma can apply for this job.

7. Own a business(pharmacy career)

 As people are getting infected with so many diseases nowadays. Industries of pharmacy growing very fast. Starting a business in this field can only be beneficial, for that, you don’t need so much investment. So many people earning very high by opening a chemist shop. You just need to complete D.Pharma for opening your own chemist shop. Gradually, you will set up your own industry like Cipla and mankind.

People are making so much in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science. It is struggling in the initial stages but becomes interesting as you started to involve in it. There are lots of startups that have succeeded in these fields, for that you just dedication and determination.

Conclusion ( pharmacy career)

Nowadays, there are a lot of options that are available in the field of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science. If you are choosing your career in this field, then you will not be regretted. But there are some drawbacks in pharmaceutical industries as every sector has; due to the opening of so many pharmacy colleges, the value of pharmacy degrees is decreasing day by day. If you have completed your bachelor’s or master’s by reputed college then you can be hired by a good company or even by renowned MNCs. Every sector has its pros and cons, but if you are talented along with hard-working then you will get, then you will get so many offers.

Healthcare almost depends on pharmacy and pharmaceutical science, though you are not so good in studies you are confident then you are well suited for sales and marketing; if you’re a nerd then make your career in teaching line. There are all kind of jobs is available for your respective personality in the pharmacy and pharmaceutical science fields.               

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