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Post-Graduating: Starting your first job remotely: Pros & Cons

If you have graduated in these covid-19 days, you must be looking for a job now because you have to cash your skills that you developed the whole time. It’s time to bring your knowledge into practice and start earning money. But have you ever analyzed the perks and drawbacks of working from home? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to starting your first job remotely? Because, instead of staying home jobless, you should start working remotely. We are here with a detailed discussion about the pros and cons of starting your first job remotely because no one is entertaining on-site jobs because of pandemic outbursts.

Pros of starting the First job remotely:

Although working from home will bring a lot of challenges for you, yet it can be a chance for you to grow your skills. The following are the perks that you can enjoy working remotely on pandemic days and find your first job remotely. Let’s have a look!

Financial savings:

The first best thing about remote working is that you don’t have to spend extra money on different things when working in an office environment. You have to pay for your transport fairs if you don’t have a car or bike. And if you have your own conveyance, you have to pay petrol bills or fuel expenditures that you may have to bear when you have to go to the office.

Furthermore, if you don’t work in your hometown, you may have to bear hostel rents or room rents which is an additional expenditure in your budget list. Living in a rented home brings so many extra expenses like electricity bills, groceries, etc. When you are working from home, you don’t have to pay all those additional expenses, and it saves you from a lot of expenses. So, you can start your first job remotely.

Improve your skills:

Another best thing about working from home is that you don’t have to spend the whole of your time from 9 to 5 in an office environment and strictly do the office work. When you work from the comfort of your home, you can spare some time to get some extra skills online. For example, you can improve your previous skills in your subject or acquire new skills. Likewise, you can get your first job remotely.

Furthermore, you can also adopt some hobbies that will keep you fresh and active the whole day, and you will also get to learn something new every day. In this way, you can spend enough time on your work and spend some quality time acquiring new skills and polishing the previous ones to upgrade your performance at work!

Save time:

Let’s talk about the most fantastic thing about working remotely from home. The people who have to travel a distance to reach their work location spend most of their time going to the office and returning home. If you are working from home, you can cut off all the extra time you have to spend on the commute. What can be better than saving so much time and spending it on some quality activity? The time that you save from commute, you can spend it with your family. It will bring you closer to your family, and when you spend quality time with your family, your mind will stay fresh. It will help you give your best at work. And you will see it in your work!

Improved physical and mental health:

Physical and mental health are the most overlooked subjects when you are working in an office environment. You have to follow a strict routine of a 9 to 5 job without taking any off. You have to withstand the workload and the pressure of your higher authorities. All this can take you in a position where you often take your health for granted, be it mental or physical.

When you are working from home, you have so many people around you who care for you. Your mother, your wife, and your sisters, maybe. These people pamper you, and you also don’t take your health for granted. In this way, when you are working from home, you can better take care of your health and the people you surround yourself with.

More family time:

The biggest blessing of working from home is that it brings you closer to your family, and you get enough time to spend quality time with your family. 24/7, you are surrounded by the people who love you the most, and just this surrounding can make a lot of things better. You can have a better conversation with your family about different subjects while working; you can also take a break from your work to go for a walk with your family and play with your children. All these little things will bring a positive change in your attitude.

You will see this positivity in your work because when you think positively, you act positively. It will amplify your productivity and also make your bond with your family and friends even stronger!

Cons of working from home:(first job remotely)

We told you before that working from home will bring lots of challenges because you won’t be working in an office environment so, working would be a little difficult for some people due to some reasons. The following are the reasons that make remote working a little tricky and challenging.

Communication gap with colleagues:

The biggest threat to the work while working from home is the communication gap between the colleagues. Because you are not meeting your colleagues every day, there is no normal communication in the team. This low communication can affect the quality of work. You can communicate well over the phone or FaceTime because many things require you to meet your teammates in person and discuss with them. So, in my opinion, it is the biggest drawback of work from home.

Lack of social interaction:

If you want to do a marketing job or any job, social interaction is very important. In an office environment, you meet new people every day, and in this way, your learning process continues. But when you work from home, you don’t get a chance to meet new people.

This lower social interaction can affect your professional growth because you won’t be working in an environment where you meet new people and learn from their experiences. Also, you don’t get a chance to sit by your experienced friends at work and learn from their pieces of advice. That’s why your social interaction is significantly less while you’re working from home.

Constant distractions:

There is always a threat of constant distraction from the people at home. Sometimes, kids make it difficult for you to attend a video call with your colleagues. And sometimes, you have to attend to your guests. All these distractions affect productivity and creativity when you are working. You can’t work constantly, and your attention diverts every time someone knocks at the door or calls your name. So, it is another bad thing about remotely working from home.

On the other hand, if you work in an office, you don’t have to get distracted by such things because you work in a corporate environment where everyone else is working. Such an environment motivates you to work instead of distracting you from your job.

Cybersecurity threats(First job remotely)

One of the biggest the most terrible threats while working from home is the cybersecurity threat. We all know that depending entirely on computers and the internet is not safe at all. There is always a chance of cyber invasions when you are working from home. As you can’t deliver the documented hardcopy files to your colleagues about your project, someone can easily intrude on your data during the transfer. If you are working on a big project and circulate your data with your colleagues, you must use software systems with very high-security systems. Otherwise, you are at a higher risk.

Internet dependency:

Here comes another challenge of working from home. When you are working remotely, you are entirely dependent on internet connectivity. You can’t interact with your teammates if you don’t have stable internet connections. This dependence can keep you from working actively and effectively. The days when you don’t have a stable internet connection bring you troubles while working.

Conclusion:(First Job Remotely)

Working from home is fun until you have to face such challenges. And these challenges are the major ones that almost every one of us has faced until now. Corona Virus made remote working a new normal, and now people adopted it and trying to fit in. keeping in view all the perks and drawbacks of remote working, we can sum up by saying that it is a 50-50 thing. Some things make it a fantastic experience, but some things make it challenging for people. But overall, it is an excellent addition to a person’s professional career because it can help you learn how to handle your overseas projects when you aren’t meeting your clients; still, you will have to interact with their team to get the task done!

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