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What to choose after Class 10th


The most important question that strikes in the mind of the students after passing the 10th is what to choose after 10th? There are too many options because of which students face difficulties to make their choices.

The main 3 streams are:




Nowadays students choose their career as per their wish but sometimes they face a problem because they have not made their mind. They can make a career while choosing any of the  3 streams. Before choosing any of the streams they have to know about them:

  1. Science: a student can choose the science stream as it is the most chosen stream. There are many options after choosing the science stream. A student can easily change their career option after passing 12th as a student can easily switch to arts and commerce.  In the science stream, a student has to take an athlete 6 subject and only compulsory language subject. A student can choose between maths and biology as per their strength i.e. either PCB or PCM.  The student should select the subject that can lead them towards their career.
  2. Commerce: this is the second most preferred stream chosen by the students. There are many subjects in the commerce stream a student can choose. By choosing this stream a student can become an investment banker, chartered accountant, and many more.  The 3 major subjects taught in the commerce stream are economics, accountant, and business studies.  In this stream also the student has to select 6 subjects and one compulsory language.
  3. Arts: this stream is the least preferred stream chosen by the students but in this stream, there are many exciting career opportunities. By choosing this stream a student can pursue law, civil services, literature, journalism, etc. In this stream, there are 6 main subjects and one compulsory language and one optional language. Students can choose the optional subject as per their wish as there is a list of subjects like sociology, philosophy, history, literature, etc.

After choosing a stream after 10th still, you have confusion then you have to look a wider picture and take a decision keeping in mind about your future aim and your past performance. For example, you have chosen a science stream and your future goal is to become journalism as your communication skill is great at that time you have to think twice and also you have to see your past performance as you can do it or not. Sometimes students chose the wrong stream and later they have to face the problem.

You can better know your strengths and weakness and according to that only you can choose your stream. If you are weak in biology and your parents force you to choose the science stream then explain to them that you cant succeed in that stream and cant pursue a career in that stream. if you choose a career according to your wish then you will make full of it and get success in your life. If you don’t know your strengths and weakness then there are many aptitude tests that will help you to find your best stream.

Make your own choice: every school held a counseling session for their students who are writing 10 exams at that point in time each and every student should tell their interest point and also their strength and weakness so that the counselor can take you to the right path.

Which board to consider:  when you are passing 10th at that time you have to make a decision on which board will you study further. You have a choice to stick on the same board or you will change your board. For example, you are studying in CBSE board and you want to change your board then be ready to face the difficulty and new challenges that occur over time.




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